Now that Ghislaine Maxwell has been found guilty, it would be a real shame if some people leaked all of the Epstein/Maxwell evidence – including Epstein’s infamous little black book, videos, pictures, etc. – online.

All of it.


It would be a huge shame if the pedophile politicians, billionaires, and other elites were all named and their dirty laundry was aired all over the internet.

It was a shame when some IRS source leaked Trump’s tax returns to much fanfare.

It would be an absolute shame if everything that happened on Epstein’s Island became public knowledge.

I’m not endorsing a crime, I’m saying it would be a real shame if that happened.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “It would be a real shame…”
  1. Well, the FBI has all of it. they swooped down on the island when Jeffy was arrested. got all the docs, computers, everything.

    Fat chance we’ll ever see it.

  2. The most amazing part in my mind is that G. Maxwell is still alive, and hasn’t yet “committed suicide” like was done to Epstein.

  3. Not going to happen. Pedophiles rule the world, pedophiles run everything and pedophiles defend each other. To these people literally raping children is actually better than not being vaccinated. Literally raping children is actually better than being able to own a gun.

    Literally within seconds of the decision the documents were sealed. If those documents come out it’s not gonna be legally. I’m pretty sure they have already been destroyed.

    Because to the those that rape children others that rape children must be defended at all costs.

    I’m wondering how many days she will be in prison before she “commits suicide“.

  4. Some of the witnesses are asking when the Big, Important Men that abused them are going to be charged. The News is actually reporting that too.

    I will be amazed if Bill, Andrew, Bill, Larry, and about one hundred others ever get indicted. The Court Records are now officially sealed. The evidence will soon disappear from Federal Custody. The Spy agencies that ran Epstein will make sure everything gets buried, likely using the influence of Jeffrey’s own blackmailed Pedophiles.

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