Oh wait, it was #BLM and Antifa (Black Bloc uniform) that attacked Columbus Fountain so the Guard was nowhere to be seen.

Twenty-five thousand troops were brought to DC because of internet rumors that a bunch of MAGA hats would show up to start shit.

The Black Bloc attacks actual landmarks and DC Police and the Guard does nothing.

Could the partisan application of our military in the defense of the Capital be more brazen?

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “It’s a good thing we have the National Guard defending Washington DC”
  1. Well, remember, the Guard is unarmed. They don’t have any ammo or mags for their M4’s and the M4’s make poor clubs. The burn loot murder brownshirts are better armed than the Guard.

  2. they did a drive by shooting of MN NG in Minneapolis last night.


    “The Minnesota National Guard stated that two National Guard members, a man in his 30s and another in his 40s, sustained minor injuries from the incident. One National Guard member was taken to a hospital to receive care for lacerations from shattered glass. The other Guardsman received only superficial injuries.”

    Police killed a car jacker in Burnsville Minnesota this afternoon. He was pulled over for stolen plates, fled, jacked another car, shot at police, crashed his stolen car, attempted to carjack an SUV at gunpoint on Hwy. 13, and got shot dead by police. there is traffic cam video of it. (I think I would have ducked below the hoodline and floored the SUV?)

    Burnsville is a third ring suburb on the south side of the Twin Cities. Protests are likely going to be small, because the dead carjacker was a white man.

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