Pretty much everyone knows that the FBI raided Trump’s home in Mar-A-Lago yesterday.

Ostensibly, it was to recover classified documents that Trump removed from the White House.

But considering all of the lies the FBI told about Trump since 2016, there is no reason to believe them now.

The incomplete list includes lying about Russian Collusion, lying to FISA courts to get illegal wiretap warrants, lying about the Trump dossier, lying about not spying on Trump, lying about Hunter Biden’s laptop to counter Trump’s claims, etc.

This raid follows arrests of Trump associates for what were normally unenforced infractions in Washington.

Under Obama, we had Lois Lerner politicize the IRS.

Now we have a partisan bill for 87,000 new IRS agents and an Administration that has proven its capabilities of using federal law enforcement for partisan purposes.

How do you think this will end?

Every Trump donor being put through audit hell?

Seizure of income from Trump donors?

This is how banana republics act, and it’s now how the US government acts.

A Rubicon was crossed in the last 48 hours, and it is a dangerous one.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “It’s all Banana Republic from here”
  1. In my patriotic opinion- it’s dangerous for DEMOCRATS. No matter when and if they sign the new “assult weapon ban” We the People still way out number them. And We the People are still armed . Banana republics work both ways…

  2. Folks may be armed but do they have the cojones to use them? Really? This is so far beyond the line in the sand that if nothing happens now in response to this singular situation, I don’t think anything will happen. Ever. Folks’ll talk and bluster but they won’t do anything. The emasculation started a long time ago, and it’s been very very successful.

  3. Is it possible there were classified docs at Trump’s place? Sure … In fact I’d guess an almost certainty, in that some were probably scooped up inadvertently in the process of clearing out for the Thief in Chief. And that’s probably true for any President since Roosevelt. Too many papers, too many people cleaning stuff out, etc.
    Is a raid how it should have been handled? Uh, no, especially if he were cooperating to this point (as I had heard but have not seen a.confirmation).

  4. It is actually pretty hard to remove classified material from a secure location. Each document is marked. If you have seen the FBI *you are a violent extremist* document you will see that there is a classification next to each paragraph.

    For Trump to have removed classified material from the White House would have required him or his people to ignore the markings that said it was classified.

    Sort of like when Hillary had her people take classified images from the secure net, strip the markings, and then send those images to her on devices that were not secure.

    What it *might* be is that there were documents marked with classifications that were below secret, such as For Official Use Only (FOUO) which it is ok to remove from secured location but still have to be protected.

    That means that if the documents were in a properly rated and secured safe there isn’t an issue.

    My guess is that this is another fishing expedition.

    1. I have to disagree. Its extremely easy to remove classified docs either purposefully or inadvertantly. You simply walk out with it…

      The classification and marking does nothing to stop you from removing it, it merely communicates what the document or portion of information is.

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