I don’t give a fuck what the law says about justified shooting.

If you try and kidnap one of my children in front of me, I will shoot you with every round of ammo I have on me, go to my car to get more ammo, shoot you again until I’m out, drive home, get my gas can, come back, burn your body to ash, chug water until I’m about to burst,  then piss your ashes into the gutter.  Only then will I consider the threat effectively neutralized.

And in at least half the places I’ve lived, most cops would look at what I did and say “that seems pretty reasonable, you’re free to go.”

In NYC, you can’t defend yourself from pedophile kidnappers and if you tried, you’d probably go to jail for a hate crime against an oppressed person with an alternative sexual orientation.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “It’s always the places where you can’t have a gun that you need one the most – NYC attempted kidnapping”
  1. Obviously, a white supremacist exercising his white privilege to enslave a black child. /sarc.

    And yes I agree with you, though I might add a hiring a mobile wood chipper to the mix.

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