I was reading the New York Post for my last post, and ended up doing some click wandering.  All of these stories are from the last three months, a couple from the last few days.

Hammer-wielding mugger attacks woman for purse in Brooklyn, cops say

A man whacked a woman with a hammer after she refused to hand over her pocketbook in a Brooklyn robbery, police said Wednesday.

He tried to snatch her purse as he yelled, “give me the money!” but the woman kept a tight grip on her bag, police added.

The suspect then hit her multiple times on the face with a hammer, causing bruising to her face, before running along Wilson Avenue, cops said.

Video shows him walking down the street in a coat holding a hammer.

Suspect in brutal mugging of elderly woman caught on video released under new bail law

Not even this brutal, caught-on-video mugging — in which a struggling 83-year-old woman was dragged to the ground, and her purse wrenched away — is enough to get a suspect locked up these days under the state’s new bail reform law.

Exclusive video obtained by The Post allegedly shows 56-year-old Dana White, of Jamaica, Queens, walking up behind the victim in front of a building on Eldridge St. on the Lower East Side at about 5:45 a.m. Monday.

I’m going to embed the video of this one:

That is an 83-year old woman.  Shes’ not alone.

66-year-old woman with walker mugged in Bensonhurst

A 66-year-old woman with a walker was mugged on the street in Bensonhurst, cops said.

The woman was walking on Bay 25 Street near Bath Avenue around 10:15 p.m. on Friday when an unknown man grabbed her purse from her walker, dragging her to the ground, according to police.

What is with all these sick animals attacking and mugging old women?

What sort of big man looks at a woman with a walker and says “I’m gonna have to beat the shit out of her for her money?”

This is not the only violence.  New York City’s public transportation has turned gone beyond the Thunderdome.

Man slashed teen girl in unprovoked Bronx subway attack: cops

A man slashed a 19-year-old girl in the head during an unprovoked attack on a Bronx subway car, cops said.

Upon entering the front car, he jumped on her and slashed her in the head and arm with a sharp object, and then ran off at the Brooke Avenue subway stop, cops said.

Subway criminal slashes rider who refused to give up his phone

A man was slashed in the face for refusing to give up his cellphone during a robbery, cops said Tuesday.

The attack happened around 2:30 p.m. Saturday on a Brooklyn-bound B train, police said.

An unidentified man tried to snatch the 31-year-old subway rider’s cellphone while the train was stopped at the Pacific Street station, cops said.

When the commuter refused to give it up, the man slashed him on the left side of the face with a straight razor, then fled in an unknown direction.

This was the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday.  These are not wee hours of the morning crimes where there is nobody around.  This is broad daylight violence.

2 straphangers stabbed in separate subway incidents: cops

Two straphangers were stabbed early Thursday in separate incidents on subway trains, police said.

One victim was dozing on a southbound 4 train near Nevins Street station at about 4:45 a.m. when another rider sneaked up and tried to turn out his pockets, officials said.

About an hour later, a second straphanger was stabbed in the neck near Times Square during an argument with another passenger, cops said.

Two stabbings in a day.  Not even a day, and hour apart during the morning commute window.

Teen slashed by man he bumped into at Queens station during rush hour

A short-tempered straphanger slashed a 19-year-old after the teen bumped into him at a Queens subway station, police said Friday.

The teen was leaving the train station at Union Turnpike/Kew Gardens in Queens around 7 a.m. Thursday when he accidentally knocked into the suspect, police said.

The unhinged attacker suddenly slashed the victim on the right hand and left arm and then fled, police said.

What the fuck?  How many stabbings, slashings, and knifings need to happen on the NYC Subway?

Then there is this story:

Cuomo says street homelessness under de Blasio ‘bad as I have ever seen’

Gov. Andrew Cuomo bluntly said Thursday that New York City’s street homelessness problem under Mayor Bill de Blasio is as “bad” as he’s “ever seen.”

“I’m sure the MTA is working with the businesses, but this homeless issue is not just in one location — it’s all across the city,” the governor said. “The problem of homeless people who are on the street is as bad as i have ever seen it.”

Bail reform, soft on crime policing, and Progressive protesting of police have turned New York City into a violent hellhole.

Of course, this is all possible because the people of New York City are entirely defenseless.  When a man wielding a hammer assaults you, you have no ability to adequately fight him off.

New York City is a hunting ground for criminals to prey on the young, the elderly, and the soft.  If Snake Plissken were to fly his glider into the city right about now, I wouldn’t be surprised.

The fact is, I think New York City is too far gone to be fixed.  New Yorkers are not going to vote for another Guilini to clean up the city.  Those that might have voted for another mayor like him have all fled south.

Welcome to Progressive America, where you will have to wait in line for your turn at a Medicare for All hospital ER to get treatment for your stab wound delivered by a drugged-out vagrant living in a subway station.

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