This was one of the protesters screaming at the NRA in Texas.


The thing is, he’s right.  So why should I give up my guns?  Does that make me stronger?

I know my limitations.

I have a bad back and bad knees.  I don’t want to get into fist fight.  I’ll get my ass kicked.

There is an old cowboy quote that perfectly sums up why I carry: “God created all men, Sam Colt made them equal.”

Take this incident from NYC:


This Asian man is seemingly the victim of a hate crime at the hands of two savages who both have several inches on him.

One holds him while the other beats him.

Clearly the Asian man is weaker than his attackers.

One of Sam Colt’s inventions, or one of its descendents, would have made him equal to two bigger, stronger, taller men intent on harming him.

It’s just too bad that in NYC the weak are denied the right to carry and are easily preyed on by stronger thugs.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “It’s always the places you can’t have a gun is where you really need one – Asian man on a subway”
  1. There are at least three. Four if you include the camera man. Others?

    Serious question? If you came upon this scene?

    Which of the three or probably more scumbags can you shoot legally without any warning before they swarm you, or another accomplice in the mob clocks or shoots you from behind?

    Can you legally do anything except watch them beat an unconscious man slowly to possible death while you call the cops? Which call could attract the ire of the mob on you?

    Brandish your gun? While yelling “Stop!”

    Put a round in the ceiling?

    Walk away quickly? Call 911 from a hundred feet away?

    SERIOUSLY! In NYFC with Manhattan DA Bragg and Mayor Plant Based Adams? I am a pasty faced white person. Would I dare set myself up to be the newest “racist white supremacist mass murderer of poor innocent people of color and ancestors of slaves?”

    Maybe, possibly could I take violent action IF the victim was of the proper victim hierarchy? Would DA Bragg excuse my interference stopping a crime if the victim was a transgender person with a Pride Flag? Or would I also have to be Transgender or Out?

    If I was ever stupid enough to set foot in NYFC? I ain’t going near the Subway, and my goal would be to get out of town before Sundown.

  2. You sum it up pretty well. Citified people are blind. Most would never admit it but they are scared. I go to our largest city and you see poor situational awareness and no eye contact. You can get within 6 INCHES of them before they realize you are there.

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