From the University of Washington:


We all know that they lean Jews. They call Israelis and Zionists colonizers, and the red triangle is a symbol used by Hamas propagandists to mark IDF targets in their videos.

Right now, these Hamasnicks are on campus because they live there. Once the school year ends and they leave for the summer, it will get worse.

Deat threats against Jews will metastasize into violence.

It will get bad.

Prepare for the worst.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “It’s going to be another summer of love”
  1. Who is more of a “colonizer” — the guy who just came over in the last ten years, or the guy whose family has been in the US since before the US was a thing?
    I take this as an “anti-newcomer” threat. I know that’s not what the idiot meant, but maybe if we convince an idiot leftist that this was painted by a “MAGA extremist” they’ll actually move against the terrorists.

    1. “they’ll actually move against the terrorists.” Bwahahahahah, sorry man, but the current .gov is not going to do a thing to these oxygen thieves.

      They are cowards plain and simple. They hide in the dark and behind masks. Pull the mask off and they run. I’m not saying they aren’t dangerous, they are still cowards.

  2. Notice this is in Seattle? And pretty much STAYS there, and it’s surrounding whacko environs.

    Maybe it has something to do with over a THOUSAND ARMED people lining the sidewalks in a small town north of Seattle called Snohomish, when word got out that BLM/Antiphag was going to make an appearance…

    Nah. Couldn’t be.

    Same thing in a much smaller town almost to the Canadian border called Lynden. There the ratio of citizens to ‘marchers’ was over three to one. Yeah, they STAYED peaceful…

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