The patterns are there.  People are pointing them out.

We’re in a bubble that is about to burst.

Now is the time to clear your plate of debt and batten down the hatches.


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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “It’s going to be bad”
  1. Like Kondratiev’s cycles or Howe and Strauss’ “Fourth Turning” generational theories, it seems like predictions like this are difficult because humans and behaviors aren’t as predictable as geared machines. We often learn enough to avoid exactly the same problems – where exactly is the key word – but all that does is keep the timings just different enough to screw up accurate predictions.
    It’s more like patterns in history rhyming than matching exactly. Maybe patterns like this are right about 75% of the time but never exactly right. So maybe the market doesn’t collapse at 504% like 1929. Maybe it gets to 600%, or maybe it doesn’t collapse below the starting point on the curve, but is it a time to be more cautious about things? Hell, yeah.
    Look at it this way: if you had a coin that gave you the result you bet on 70 or 80% of the time instead of just 50%, it sure would be a safe way to bet.

  2. “Now is the time to clear your plate of debt and batten down the hatches.”

    We have been doing exactly that here at the Jonesy compound since inflation started getting out of control. Paid off credit cards and 1 vehicle loan early. Unfortunately we had to get another car as my son wrecked his, so we still have an extra payment, but without the other monthly expenses, we have a bit of a buffer now with the inflation. Food is now a major expense. We stockpiled a bit over the past few years in case shit goes sideways for a few months. It appears we may get the chance to use it.

    With risk of financial collapse here and the threat of war in Europe, its probably a good time to get preps in order if you haven’t already. There’s a ton of resources out there to help.

  3. Do you think liberals will still complain about racism and the patriarchy when they are emaciated and starving while waiting in government bread lines?

      1. Yep….and when they realize they are the “have nots”, and see you with anything at all, they will insist that you share with them.

  4. Do what you can for you and yours. Don’t be foolish, keep the details of your preparations on a need to know basis… those who don’t prepare will target you and your supplies when SHTF. Be extremely careful who you trust.

  5. We have been debt free for over 10 years now. No car, house, or other loans. Feels nice, but that does not remove any worry.
    Housing bubble is just one of many scares out that. A crash in housing prices will give this administration ammo to do more buyouts (making the situation worse), and screw me out of my retirement, or any value my real estate currently has. in some ways, it is better to owe 95% of your house’s value, so when the bail outs come, you can enjoy the benefits of your tax dollars, instead of someone else.
    The problem with socialism is the statists/socialists/leftists have to destroy the entire system for everyone before they learn the folly of their ways.

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