I was talking with a buddy earlier today about the Trump Mar-A-Lago raid.

I said that I predict shit will get ugly.

The whole point of this, just like the two impeachments, is to saddle Trump with every burden they can think of to make him ineligible to run against Biden in 2024.

I predicted that in furtherance of this, I expect Trump to be arrested and perp walked out of Mar-A-Lago by federal agents.

Not because he did anything justifying that, but because it would be a public humiliation.

Merrick Garland having his petty revenge against the man who kept him off the Supreme Court.

It would also make a great photo-op for Democrats to use against Trump.

I predicted that Trump supporters would protest such an action and would likely turn violent.

The media and Democrats would love nothing more than seeing some MAGA behatted Trump supporters gunned down by FBI in front of Trump in handcuffs.

I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people on the Left who regularly masturbate to that fantasy.

After that, there would be a crackdown on Trump supporters.

Then I see this news:


Well fuck.

The stage is now set for shit to go sideways bloody and quickly.

I’m really feeling tgis quote from Admiral Painter from Thr Hunt for the Red October…

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “It’s going to get bad fast”
  1. Problem I see is maga people aint like democrats- IE, prone to violence. Trump wasnt even THERE during raid. These idiots are grasping at straws circling the drain. Every single thing they tried to “get Trump” has failed. We the People are getting strong, they are losing support. Stand fast, hang tuff yall.

  2. Problem is some Jussie Smollett will show up and fake being a Trump supporter. Violence will happen, and I would be extremely surprised if it is started by a MAGA supporter.

  3. Even demoncrats and their KGB will back up when hundreds of armed people show up, ref. Bundy in Nevada. Just how far are you willing to backup and allow their evil to continue? Soon we’ll be herded into the cattle cars and headed to the gas chambers. Is that when people should fight? Too late, IMHO.

  4. They keep poking the bear, hopping at least some of the bears poke back. They want an excuse for another January sixth “insurrection”. Martial law prior to November? Damn, I’m too old and fat for this s**t.

    1. You’re to old and fat? I’m at the point if someone yells “run for your life”, I be like “y’all go ahead, I’m going to stay here and meet Jesus “. ;-))

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