I know you might think “how can it get worse?”

It can.

I’m not sure how man police will be left by the end of the year.

Cops are getting fired over the vaccine mandate.

That leave as much smaller, already demoralized, police force to handle the current shit-storm.

What happens when they are totally overwhelmed and say “fuck it, I’m out.”

Seriously, except for some sleepy rural areas, I can’t see there being a whole lot of cops left in Washington by the end of the year.


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By J. Kb

17 thoughts on “It’s going to get worse in Washington State”
  1. Not just Washington. Portland, Oregon had another round of screaming maniacs wrecking things while the cops stood there with their thumbs up their arses. Granted, those cops have probably been told, ‘If you intervene you’ll be fired’, but sheesh.

    People are asking ‘are we a lawless city now?’, and with good reason — but as I commented on another entry, it’s the future they chose.

    1. In fairness to the Portland police, a new state law forbids the use of rubber bullets or pepper spray in “normal” crowd control situations, unless the unruly crowd is officially declared a riot, or the unruly crowd threatens life. So the cops’ hands are kinda tied. Oregon and Washington have both legislatively banned proactive policing, so don’t expect things to improve there.

      1. And for their next trick, the Oregon legislature will re-define the term “riot” such that vandalism, burning, looting, and general mayhem don’t count.

        The chant is to “defund the police”, but look at the bigger picture; they’re not just cutting police budgets, they’re also criminalizing police actions.

        Their goal is to punish police. Officers can

        What will happen is, the police, having lost all legal access to “less-lethal” tools, will eventually be faced with a highly-violent situation with many potential victims that nevertheless fails to meet the (updated) legal definition of “riot”, and the officers will have to choose between “do nothing” and “go hot with live rounds”.

        And at some point, they will choose the latter to save lives, and damn the consequences.

        Alternatively, armed private citizens will witness that same situation and choose to save lives, and the police — fed up with being hamstrung themselves — will decide they “didn’t see anything” and “don’t know what happened”.

        1. What you’re suggesting is similar to CA redefining shoplifting to exclude thefts of anything under $950 (per occurrence).

  2. Yakima is kind of one of those sleepy rural areas east of the Cascades. On the plus side, Inslee will have fewer goons to enforce his anti freedom agenda.

  3. All of this begs the bigger question. What are the feds planning to do when roughly 30%-40% of the workforce decides to get fired instead of getting vaxxed? Its not just the cops and healthcare workers (both would have a profound impact on society). Its engineers and autoworkers and truckers, lots of industries….they have to have gamed this out. Which is what worries me – they might have a plan.

    I’m still hoping that once the regulations are rolled out, the 24 state AGs file their ready-to-go lawsuit to stop the mandate. All it takes is 1 federal judge to put a stay on the mandate. Ultimately, I see this going to the SCOTUS.

    I’m facing this dilemma as well, my company is already asking for vax status in preparation for the mandate. Going to ignore them for as long as possible.

      1. If the government response is “starve while these foreigners take your job”, illegals will quickly learn they are in a minority and government will learn how little power they actually have.

      2. Reminds me of “Enemies foreign and domestic” in which the left PtB enrolled illegal aliens in the Brownshirts with the promise of citizenship if they were good obedient soldiers, obeying orders to eliminate Constitutional liberties.

    1. Plan? Just look at Afghanistan. How many US Citizens are still there? Green Card Holders? SIV holders? SIV Applicants?

      How many of them are no longer a problem as they were hunted down and executed by “Our New Diplomatic Partners, the Taliban of the Islamic State?”

      Plan? Have you seen our US-Mexican Border? It is overrun with illegal immigrants, the vast majority are not even Mexican.

      They have no plans, they have no clues, they are failing in broad daylight, but no one in Washington cares. The cocktail parties and dinner parties go on, as spectacularly as ever.

  4. what will the few remaining police officers do?

    200 Minneapolis police officers went on disability pay with a diagnosis of PTSD after the George Floyd Riots and Insurrection. Four days of Riot, Arson, bricks, bottles, bear spray and mayhem. One of five Minneapolis Police Precincts surrounded and then abandoned by their police command and city leadership, burning down as they evacuated out the back with no plan and no support. They literally ran for it. Then the same damn thing almost happens the next night at another precinct. Everything within two to six blocks of those precincts was looted, and most burnt out. (except for the Socialist Book Store)

    Some of them realized they had PTSD and went on the disabled list, almost 200. Others quit and retired. Many are probably hoping to hang on a few short years until they get that retirement package.

    In a few weeks, the Peoples of Minneapolis vote on a City Charter Amendment to eliminate the police department and replace it with an undefined something. Of course the something is not defined, but it has lots of Rainbows, Unicorns, and Better Tomorrows according to the Progressives.

    1. It’s the Underpants Gnomes plan for Woke policing:
      1. Eliminate the traditional police department.
      2. ?????
      3. Enjoy the Better Tomorrow (and Profit!)

      It’s that second step that’s going to be interesting to figure out, but better tomorrows are part of the plan, so what could go wrong, amirite? [/sarc]

  5. Not sure why I should feel bad for a bunch of state and local gestapo scumbags whining about how their masters have no more use for them now the DNC terrorist wing and federal gestapo are taking over their duties.


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