US officials push back on reports of dark web javelin missiles: ‘Russian disinformation’

U.S. officials have deemed reports of Javelin missile sales on the dark web as little more than further Russian disinformation.

“We have no evidence that corroborates this claim,” Eric Pahon, Pentagon Spokesman, told FOX Business. “In addition, the source cited is a known Russian propaganda and disinformation network.”

Reports first started appearing on social media, showing screenshots of supposed sales on the dark web asking for $30,000 for an FGM-148 Javelin — the famous “fire and forget” anti-tank guided missile system.

The posts claim that the sales come from Ukraine, implying that the weapons have been diverted from official sources.

The Biden Administration says it’s not true and that it’s Russian Propaganda so you know it’s fucking real.

And why wouldn’t it be.

Give some poor Ukrainian a few million in missiles, why wouldn’t he sell some to buy his way to a nice place to live elsewhere in Europe?

The same thing happened in the Middle East.

Refugees in Sweden have been throwing fucking grenades at each other smuggled in from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and elsewhere.

I can’t wait for some Javelins to make their way to some Banana Republic, then up through Mexico, across our southern border, and then used in a American target.

You know that will be turned into a referendum against law abiding gun owners somehow.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “It’s gonna be fireworks when one of these goes off here”
  1. The listing is obviously real, I’ve gone to the site and its still up there. Of course there’s a fair difference between a listing and an honest listing, and I’m not willing to spend 30000 dollars to figure out if there’s a real javelin on the other side of this one.

  2. In addition to Johnny the Jihadi hitting a target or Jesus the cartel soldier popping a CBP post, let’s also not overlook one other thing.
    My understanding is that “we” are sending over the latest and greatest Javelins here. Not the FMS spec with downgraded warheads. So our latest and greatest tech is in the hands of foreign intelligence and engineering assets. So now we’ll need to give Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and General Dynamics even more money to counter the “new threats” that Joe and his buddies created.
    Fun times . . .

  3. Wait- People can buy a Javelin for less than the cost of a registered receiver? Do you know where a guy could get one? Asking for a friend.

  4. Fucking called it:
    “Javelin – the Stinger of the 21st century. There is NO WAY that sending state of the art weaponry into a region full of questionable tribal alliances will bite the US in the ass. I mean, there is literally no precedence for that.”

  5. I think a few DM22 off route mines might more useful and less expensive. These are an unmanned ambush in a box or the ultimate driveway alarm.

    I’d post the link to the article on but the comment box hates Chrome on Android.

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