By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “It’s gonna be lit at the Whitehouse”
  1. I imagine CAT is stacking the Monster deep right now, it’ll be some long nights ahead.

    And some idiots may very well learn about razor/concertina wire and the terminal ballistics at point blank range of a 150-168gr bonded 308, whatever 7mm Uber Magnum that dude is toting, and whatever bonded or TSX round the SR-16s are running.

      1. I low key kinda want to seen what that 7mm Uber Magnum duder there is toting would do.

        I imagine at the potential ranges in play it would be like a damn laser beam and give no fucks about HDPE drum shields or even the AR500 plates some of them might be wearing.

  2. Those morons of the left do not understand the difference between cover and concealment. Most have no idea of the ability of even simple 5.56 55gr rounds to penetrate.

    I learned that when I tried shooting 1/4″ plate at a hundred yards and it just made nice neat holes.

    Sides of plastic 55gal drums and 1/2″ plywood aren’t going to even slow a round down.

    1. All of their “tactics” are focused on provoking police operating under restrictive RoEs. They’re *proud* of training to march in formation!

  3. There’s a group called “Shutdown DC” that’s had a zoom call leaked. They’re openly calling for their followers to “put their lives on the line” and call for the use of arms. “The side with guns tends to win.” They seemed to be encouraging their people to get themselves killed for the appearances.

    Combine this with the Transition Integrity Project expecting to be rioting in the streets and it seems like putting up the fence is a prudent move.

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