Things appear to be getting more and more spicy out there.

When I leave the house for any extended period of time, I change into my jeans with a 1911 carried IWB.

I had tried carrying with a WWII reproduction load bearing suspenders, belt, and holster. I found that comfortable.

Unfortunately, when I sit the strain on the eyelets in that reproduction belt ripped out. I need to get a better belt.

All I need to do is lose another 6 inches from around my waist.

The reason I was wearing the belt and suspenders was that I could wear that with anything I wanted to wear. Including my sweatpants.

Which takes us to a recent gift. A Sticky pocket holster.

I have a pocket holster for my SIG P938, but it is a generic sort of thing. Not a great holster, just good enough.

The Sticky? An order of magnitude better.

It fits the SIG nicely. They go into the pockets of my pants or sweatpants. It stays in place and when I want to take the pistol out, that is all that comes out.

I added a pair of clip on suspenders. Everything just works.

I have been carrying non-stop since I got the holster. That includes working in the shop or eating dinner or sitting on the sofa with my wife, watching a show.

I do not notice it.

Carry everywhere. This might be a suitable option for you.

Sticky, 5/5 would purchase again.

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6 thoughts on “It’s just a little stick, or carry everywhere”
  1. A agree. Been using one for a long time now. MD4G MOD size for my Sig P365 with threaded barrel and Crimson Trace on the trigger guard.

  2. Sticky’s are great. They make them just down the road from me in Naples. A guy that used to work at Remora Holsters left them after they chose not to upgrade the “sticky” material to a better material and he started Sticky. Remora was my go-to for a while, but they lose their stickiness after a while and the whole thing comes out with the gun when you draw. I use a Sticky with a P365 IWB and it stays put all day. Very comfortable.

  3. Try a Wilderness belt with the extra stiffening; several styles in many sizes.. Perry suspenders that hook on the belt. I’ve used those for many years, daily carry and IDPA. Duluth Trading Co. vests or Hawaiian shirts depending on the season. With the former I’ve been mistaken for a contractor; guy asked me for a job.
    Good luck!

  4. I like my P938, quite a lot. Has all the ergonomics of my 1911 (which really works for my hands), at a smaller size.
    However, search around the ‘net for info on the safety “glitch” some of them have, and test yours. Basically, some models of the 938 will drop the hammer when you disengage the safety. Now, this is not automatically dangerous (well, it is, but…) because the hammer has to be partially cocked, not fully cocked for it to drop. There is no known danger of a ND if you ensure the hammer is always fully cocked.
    I tested mine (dry… definitely dry) and it did exactly what I saw in the videos. Half cocked hammer, disengage the trigger, and snap. Potential ND. ESPECIALLY dangerous if you are pocket carrying, as the safety could get disengaged without you taking action. In other words, make sure the Sticky you have covers the safety in addition to the trigger.

  5. Another +1 for Sticky. My EDC is a surplus Hungarian PA-63 in 9mm Mak. Hornady makes an FTX round. Holster works great in my cargo shorts pocket. On Amazon I found a nylon belt with a tri-glide style buckle that I just cinch down a bit. Cell phone is in the opposite pocket, so load is reasonably balanced. I can walk, drive, sit in a restaurant, and pretty much forget it’s there.

  6. “STicky” — Meh. I ordered one once, because they listed for a light+laser combo I was looking for. Didn’t think the quality was there. Most expecially would not use it as a “tuck in the pants” IWB.

    “Your Mileage May Vary”.

    Desantis Nemesis for me.

    Perry suspenders — double plus good. Made AIWB work for me.

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