As seen on the internet:

Seven guns drawn by permit holders and not one crossfire shootout.

No innocents killed by police.

This demonstrably did not happen.

Still, they are going with it.

I love the “what if” game.

Also, this person only has a simple mind.

Who needs facts when you have an agenda to push?

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “It’s like they don’t know what really happened”
  1. Id luv to take an asshat like that to my range and show him a “simple” shotgun. He killed two people with his simple shotgun Whata maroon

  2. “But…but…but what if he’d had a M-134 minigun! Like Schwarzenegger had in Predator! Those CPL holders woulda ALL DIED!!!”

    Yep. And, Einstein, had you been there, perhaps you coulda flung your Skittles farting unicorn at the perp, and he woulda turned, and started campaigning for AOC.

    Poop in one hand, wish in the other….

    And, as another commenter has said, The Almighty was busy, so He sent seven of His children to guard, however imperfectly, His flock.

    1. “But… but… but what if he’d had a tactical nuke. Those CCW guys wouldn’t have stood a chance!” (Hey, if we’re bringing up unrealistic examples. LOL!)

      Maybe, but he didn’t.

      What they’re saying-but-not-saying is “what if he’d had an AR-15?” Because the AR-pattern rifle is the penultimate evil perfect-for-mass-shootings gun in their minds.

      I’d answer, if he’d had an AR, the CCW folks would have seen the threat immediately and he probably wouldn’t have gotten a shot off. He was only able to seat himself with the crowd because the Shockwave design is somewhat concealable beneath a long jacket. An AR, not so much.

      (As much as I like the sentiment of the “The Almighty was busy” line, I prefer to remember that the Almighty also occasionally reminds us that as much as we should trust in Him, we are also responsible for taking care of ourselves and each other, and made capable of doing so by His grace. Just my thoughts. 🙂 )

  3. <em<"Also the perpetrator only had a simple shotgun. If he had a different weapon then there would have been significantly higher casualties."

    Yes, if he had had a knife or two, the crowd wouldn’t have been alerted by the noise of gunfire, and he could have slit 8 or 10 kids’ throats before anyone was the wiser.

    (Google “mass stabbing china” and you’ll see plenty of examples, some with casualty counts in the dozens. Then consider the state of gun laws in China and how everyone must be so safe there with nobody able to shoot back….)

    If you really think a “simple shotgun” isn’t an effective weapon, watch some cowboy action shooting demonstrations and see how many aimed 12-ga rounds those guys can put downrange with what is effectively a single-shot scatter-gun. All it takes is some practice.

  4. Projection. Nothing more.

    If they were in a period of elevated stress and had a handgun, I am sure they would just pull the trigger wildly without aiming. Therefore, they assume everyone else would do the same.

    It is typical childish thinking. Applied to politics, if they got into the White House, they would certainly try to abuse the power of their office, so it is incomprehensible that the sitting President has not done so.

    Pick an event. Decide how you would act, and assume that everyone else has even less self restraint than you do. Boom! You are a leftist.

  5. More horseshit projection from the mind washed idiots with no personal responsibility, moral compass and self control.
    No surprise here. They project their own behavior on others. They know THEY can’t be trusted with guns, so they demand everyone else have their taken away.
    Typical of the islammunist party, no matter the issue. It’s all about power.

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