It’s not cheaper to order a new helicopter than it is to fly it back.

It’s a scam and a kickback for Milley.

The military abandons a piece of equipment overseas.

They order a new one to restock the inventory.

The contractor that makes it gets more money.

The command staff that ordered the equipment be abandoned and replaced gets hired by that contractor, or is put on that contractor’s board, or is given stock in that contractor when he retires and goes into the Military Industrial Complex private sector.

This is how that scam works.  I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

Milley isn’t an idiot, he was happy to abandon weapons to the Taliban because it meant generous kickbacks to him upon retirement.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “It’s not cheaper, it’s a scam”
  1. Remember the News Report about the “leadership” ordering the troops to clean up Kabul Airport before they left?

    “A Marine told the Washington Post that they were ordered to wash the taunting messages away and clean up the debris before they left the airport.

    “My boys had to go … pick up every last piece of … trash for who? The Taliban?” the Marine, who was not identified, told the newspaper.”

    I think a few choice words were elided in that last statement.

  2. If it was cheaper to leave it than bring it home, why wasn’t an order given to disable every piece of gear to deny it’s use to the enemy?

    1. Some of the big stuff was damaged (I saw pictures of some helicopters with broken landing gear, though they hadn’t been seriously blown up as the book requires). But as is well documented, warehouses full of rifles etc. were left intact.

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