US Space Force releases official song — and is swiftly mocked

The US Space Force released an official song that critics say is light-years from being a hit — with illogical lyrics and a corny tone that rips off “Star Wars.”

The military branch, created in 2019 to protect the US in the great beyond, unveiled the jaunty anthem titled “Semper Supra” — meaning “Always Above” in Latin — Tuesday.

“It’s not a banger,” the website deadpanned.

The song’s lyrics proclaim, “We’re the mighty watchful eye / Guardians beyond the blue / The invisible front line / Warfighters brave and true.”

“Boldly reaching into space / there’s no limit to our sky / Standing guard both night and day / We’re the Space Force from on high,” it triumphantly continues.

But listeners quickly poked fun at the song for its confusing lyrics and overly bubbly tune, calling it a cosmically uncool “Star Wars” ripoff.

Of course it’s stupid.

They got shit on previously because their rank insignia was stupid and looked it it ripped off Star Trek.

Let the record show that I was a big supporter of the creation of Space Force.

I said that space will be the next frontier of war.

Any enemy that can take out our GPS satellites will totally paralyze our military with command and control issues related to troop and ship movements.  We can’t navigate on land, sea, or in air without GPS.

That would also remove all of our GPS guided missiles and ordnance from use as well as limit aircraft operations.

Defending our GPS and communications satellites should be a high priority.

The problem is that the upper echelon of our military is garbage.  Too much time sucking off politicians and preparing for big money jobs in the military industrial complex, they don’t know how to build a military branch from scratch.

I’ve documented the slow decline of the Army, Navy, and Marine Corpse at the hands of these commissioned bureaucrats.  Now those same people are trying to make a branch.

Everything they do is runny dog shit.

By the time this is over, the Netflix show Space Force will be more of a documentary than a parody.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “It’s not Space Force but Space Farce”
  1. Ever hear of a compass?? How did the vikings cross seas? Dumb luck?? NASA- Never A Straight Answer…. Blind reliance on technogizmos is like blindly following gubmint.
    Do you honestly think modern woke nasa gives a fuk about protecting America?

    1. NASA has dick to do with Space Force or the GPS constellation. GPS was a USAF program that now belongs to USSF, which is a daughter service to USAF the same way that the USMC is a subset of the USN.

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