From our university campuses.


This is still mob violence.

Their words are polite.

Their chant sounds like they are making reasonable demands about privacy and how they are the aggrieved victims.

But all of that is camouflage for the fact that what they are doing is mob violence.

They have linked arms and are attempting to use their bodies like a human bulldozer to force other people out of an area they have a lawful right to be in.

They are threatening people with for and are initiating physical contact.

They are the instigators of violence.

This needs to be recognized as such, both in the popular culture and in the law.

These people cannot be allowed to harm others and get away with it because they were polite at the time.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “It’s still mob violence even if you’re polite”
  1. Colleges and universities also encourage large numbers of foreign students–from the Middle East and elsewhere–to enroll. Foreign students often pay full tuition fees, unlike locals who are state residents or who have scholarships, etc. Foreign students can also help them meet diversity quotas, while taking slots that could have been filled US students of minority groups. If these foreign students are a little aggressive towards Jews and Christians, it’s not a bug, but rather a feature.

  2. The only reason they’re claiming “privacy” is because they don’t want to be filmed and identified later. It’s a public lawn for all students; there’s no reasonable expectation of privacy in that area!
    And the only reason they’re being polite is because they KNOW DAMN WELL they have the numbers to be overwhelmingly violent should they decide to not be polite. The polite words are a thin veneer of civility over the clear and intimidating threat of overwhelming violence.
    Now, why do I have the sudden urge to get in that “pretty” guy’s face and go all “I’m not touching you!”?

  3. This is a well-rehearsed event planned and organized by an anti-Israel organization with legal counsel writing the format and verbal cues This is not a spontaneous event, and they were informed of the Jewish event ahead of time so that they could make the legal claim that they were there first because there were in fact there first. And most importantly, they operated with complete confidence because they had “Authority” backing them.

  4. time for Jewish students to buy a bicycle lock and a lllloooooonnnng chain.. as long as you smile while swinging it its politeโ€ฆ.time to start quelling the shiite.. politely..

  5. Columbia U only took (feeble) action a single time, and when the problem recurred they have done nothing. The reason is obvious: that one action was taken only in response to pressure in the preceding Congressional hearing, and after that symbolic move they reverted back to the plan — which is outright support for terrorists.

    1. “Integrity means doing the right thing even when no one is watching.”
      Columbia (sort of) did the right thing when Congress and the world were watching. The second they looked away, Columbia immediately went back to its terrorism-supporting ways.
      So now we know what kind of people are in charge at Columbia.

  6. ๐ŸŽผ Gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the Hamas supporters I see. (j/k)

    Repeat after me.
    (repeat after me)
    I am a moron who is out of touch with reality.

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