I’ve been reading about the cluster fuck of women’s figure skating at the Olympics.

It’s called men’s and women’s but it’s really boy’s and girl’s.

The Russian skater is 15 years old.

Olympic gymnastics is worse.

New rule.

All athletes in the Olympics must be adults, at least 18 and preferably 21.

There is too much grooming and too much pressure.

It’s clear by how many of them burn out later in life.

It’s the worst combination of professional athlete syndrome and child actor syndrome.

If you’re one of the people saying “but by that age these athletes are past their prime.”

If completing puberty put an athlete past her prime, that’s not a sport, thats pedobait.

No more kids at the Olympics.

You must be at the age of maturity to compete.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “It’s time to change OIC bylaws”
  1. It’s also time to stop the double standard judging that was supposed to have stopped with the newer judging system.

    Like with Symone Biles. The judges actually told her and her coaches that they’re judging her on a different standard because she’s too good.

    Same happened with the Russkie chick. Judges didn’t judge her by everyone else’s standards.

    That stuff has to stop.

    Min age needs to be at least 16, though 18 would be better. Less damage to the body overall.

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