Our Administration ladies and gentlemen:


That is right.

Our senile, corrupt, pedophile, old fucking bastard of a President who currently has a 58% disapproval to 33% approval rating is calling on the Canadian Federal Government to go all Jackboot on the Canadian truckers, farmers, and working class people protesting for their civil rights.

The Canadian trucker protest is the most significant and honorable civil rights protest in North America since the Desegregation/Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

And Biden has chosen the side of Bull Conor and George Wallace.

Of course he has, he’s a Democrat.

This America should not and cannot abide.

This shouldn’t wait for midterms or the 2023 Presidential election.

Shut DC and the Acela Corridor down until they cry mercy.


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By J. Kb

  1. Supposedly there is a US Trucker Freedom Convoy that will start March 5.. Three weeks from now.
    In the mean time? Mask Mandates are going away all over. I think it is now more 6 Statewide mask mandates going away. In Minnesota there were City Wide mask mandates. Those are ALL going away this week. We are winning.
    I think the Canadian Protests really scared the politicians world wide. Why?
    1. Huge Numbers of people.
    2. Their Discipline, not one rock thrown, not one police officer injured, not one building looted, nothing burnt down.
    3. These people are resolute, but not bitter and lashing out. What are the symbols of these protests? Big Trucks, Soup kitchens, Bouncy Castles, and Dance Parties. “O Canada” “We are the World” They are surrounded by enemies, and laughing at them.
    4. There are a lot of them, and even more supporters. There are protests in Ottawa and every provincial capital. The border is shut at Coutts, Pembina, Windsor and being choked and slowed at others. Semis, Tractors, Pickups, Cars, RVs, cars.
    5. They are coordinated and have enormous Support. Example: Coutts AB Border crossing. Two dozen trucks shut it down two weeks ago. RCMP threatened, brought in lots of cops, but did not arrest the protest. The Cops Blockaded the highway north of Coutts at Milk River, a natural chokepoint about ten days ago. In response, about 1,00 truckers, farmers and people blockaded the police blockade at Milk River. They have been there ever since. Last weekend 300 Horsemen and women showed up to the blockade all at once. Do not tell me that these people are not organized.
    The Prime Minister huffs and puffs. He calls the protesters, “a fringe.” “hateful” “racist” He ran away. This week Trudeau has been in Parliament, but ran away at Question Time, leaving his ministers to answer the questions from the opposition. The Mayor of Ottawa is screaming for more police, and the military.
    All that invective, and the Truckers are still there and still having dance parties, while other protesters are shutting down the Border.

  2. It’s amazing how upside-down and in-your-face the reporting on all the recent civil disturbance activity has been.

    BLM/antifa assaults people, loots and steals merchandise, burns down cars and buildings, and attempts to blockade and burn down a federal building with people inside. That’s a “mostly peaceful protest”.

    January 6, 2021, a group of thousands shows up on Capitol Hill unarmed (except for undercover FBI agents and provocateurs), break a few items, and the only people hurt are one Capital Police officer (who wasn’t assaulted; he suffered a heart attack) and one protester shot and killed by Capital Police. That’s a “violent insurrection”.

    The Canadian truckers are organized by the tens of thousands and have blockaded traffic, but haven’t hurt anyone; in fact, they provide food for themselves and the communities inconvenienced by their presence, keep the kids entertained, and conduct themselves with near-unbelievable discipline and grace. That’s a “terrorist siege by a fringe minority”.

    I’d love to see American truckers do as you say — shut down the artery between NY and DC — if nothing else to see what kind of ridiculously over-the-top and bass-ackwards verbiage the media settles on to describe it.

    Unfortunately, last I heard the American Freedom Convoy looks like it’s going to be a “rally”, and not much more. Certainly not shutting down any major roads for more than the day. Because rallies have been so effective in the past. [/sarcasm]

    1. If you can find video of the Chicago police defending a statue of Columbus from 2020 or 2021, well, if that attack had been carried out by right-wingers there would have been national martial law.

    2. Unfortunately, I suspect the result of attempting to shut down the northeast might be a high body count.

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