Anyone who needs their gender validated by a baby and criticizes that baby for being transphobic when the validation does not happen is mentally ill and needs to be locked away.

Instead, these are the people who work in schools and daycare facilities with children.

We need to bring back asylums and use them.

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By J. Kb

17 thoughts on “It’s time we bring back asylums”
  1. Mm, mm,mm,,Can you just imagine working in A building full of Those!?
    I’m probably just wrong, but I’ve always thought an asylum was a place where Special people were kept, while employees and doctors worked to get them back to reality. The way I’m seeing people like that one it’s just gonna be
    Loong Term Storage. Wigging out over a baby? That thing is dangerous.

  2. Anyone ever remember when your baby starting crying and throwing fits the first time it saw a black person? I remember. Funny as hell. And the black person knew it and was laughing too. Stuff happens and babies freak out sometimes.

    This person though? Needs therapy from a 2×4. How the living hell does someone like that get to be around children?

    1. Had a Weimeriner/Boxer mix. Really good dog. The first black guy he saw worked with me. That dog went 100% nuts. Glad I had him on a leash. The moment was never spoken of.
      You spose if Old Dude had been kikkin it in a dress that dog would have busted loose and chewed him up?
      Heh,HehHeh,,who’s a good boy?

      1. I have a MaltaPoo mix that loves every person of any color or sex that she sees. Dogs are supposed to be colorblind, yours went nuts for some other reason.

        1. colorblind does mean what you think it means. Yes, animals have some level of colorblindness compared to humans, but they can still tell the difference. So can people who are colorblind (they exist, I know several). Dogs (and babies) are very good at picking up differences and it usually scares them. You implying that the dog went nuts for “some other reason” sounds like a veiled attempt to call the owner racist. Not cool.

            1. Wow,ens,,I was going to let your comment to me go,but mistreating Don,who said nothing that would indicate he is a lefty, I’m just not okay with. If anyone has said anything that would make someone identify that person as a lefty,it’s you. You indicate your understanding that dogs are colorblind. But, as Don said, you don’t really know what that means. The man who my dog went crazy over was
              The FIRST black person he saw.
              And, that man was seriously dark skinned.
              The dog was faced with a moment that he had never experienced. Here is a creature that appears so different, it’s speaking and moving in familiar ways, but its Appearance is unsettling. It’s not what the dog was accustomed to experiencing. Frankly, imo, you don’t really deserve a polite explanation, but I’m going to try to offer you that, anyway.
              So, there is your explanation. And, Don, thanks for stepping in.
              ENS,you seem seriously judgemental, even though you don’t have near enough information to work with. It never made sense to me that people acted like they could evaluate the the value and character of someone else by looking at their skin. Frankly, I’ve been shafted by more whites than anyone else. You need to grow up.

              1. You need to recognize a lieberal when you read one. There are lots of reasons a dog doesn’t like some people, I’ve had dogs for decades and poc never affected them. But smell did, actions did, attitude did. A lieberal will always go to racist racist racist every time.

          1. That dude proved he is, well,, pick the word..
            Thanks for stepping in.
            Hownafukk he decided you’re some kinda racist,, IDK.

            1. I didn’t call him out for being racist, I called him a lieberal, because racist is what they always throw out there. Reading comprehension kinds low?

  3. Gee, ever heard of object permanence, dear? Babies don’t have it.

    When I shaved off my full beard, I sat my son on the vanity to watch. He couldn’t grasp that there was skin under my beard (that was in place since he was born). He kept touching my cheek and pulling away. Funny. It was nice to get a practical example from a school lesson.

    1. I’d never heard the term,,
      Object permanence is the understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be observed

      And, it even applies to StewPid.

    2. My mother suffered from dementia late in life. One day, I came for my regular visit, and she was sitting in her wheelchair. She wasn’t happy to see me, was angry at me for some unknown reason. Sundowning, probably. I was standing, and my angle wasn’t good, so I walked around the back of her wheelchair to the other side. When she saw me, she lit up! “When did you get here?” It was literally a second or two. I worry for the young children, the babies, the elderly who might be victims of someone’s outrage because their response is taken as offensive. People who respond like this woman are not sane.

    3. I have seen this in action.
      The day I was married, my brother was there and shaved off his beard that he had worn for many years. His 4yr old daughter saw him sans beard for the first time at the wedding and SCREAMED and ran from the room.

      Being crazy enough to blame the kid means you are too crazy to be allowed anywhere near young people.
      The very dangerous psychotic above should be locked away until it passes away.

  4. This has nothing to do with the child. It is 100% this idiot wanting to collect as many victim points as humanly possible.

    Instead of listening, or diagnosing, ridicule is what is needed.

    “Oh… a baby offended you. You poor thing… Yes, babies need to be taught tolerance… babies. My GOD! You are a fucking MORON! Shut up, sit down, and stop looking for reasons to be offended.”

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