First US Women’s Soccer loses first round.

Now US Men’s Basketball loses to France:

It gets worse.

All that Woke grandstanding and we suck.


I honestly hope America comes home with no medals.

Maybe then will there be a backlash against Team USA by normies wondering why so many of our athletes are all over TV talking trash about the US and then losing on the international stage.

If they have time to talk trash they have home to train.

That should be rule No. 1 on Team USA:


Any athlete who wastes time doing media interviews or posts opinions  social media without a recent win gets kicked off the team.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “I’ve never been excited to see America lose, but I’m making an exception this year”
  1. It is sad, but this is what happens when you don’t care about the country you are representing, and you put your personal grievances above performance. I wonder who is watching. Ratings can’t be good. Who wants to watch us lose and watch the athletes representing us insult our country?

  2. When you place your activism ahead of the talent/work that made you famous, you will lose both your fame, and your ability to be an activist.

  3. If you saw grape head’s interview during the opening ceremonies, she was pissed that she wasn’t voted in to carry the flag and were scheduled to practice instead of walking w/ the rest.

    I have a suspicion that the wokes are seriously outnumbered on the US team and aren’t getting the fawning support they do by the media in the states. Example, the US swim team gathered together for a private opening ceremony and they were locked arm in arm singing patriotic songs.

  4. There are a lot of good, upstanding. patriotic athletes on this year’s Olympic Team. The problem is the Asshats in the media willl not give them much or any coverage, because that is the normal expected behavior. The slimy mainstream media only wants to cover the “edgy” and “difficult circumstances” and other BS.

    It doesn’t help that so many of their fellow athletes, coaches and especially the US Olympic Officials are woke assholes.

  5. Backlash? Maybe, but I would expect plenty of rants and tirades about how we were unable to compete because Systemic Racism™ has ruined us.

  6. I can already hear the whining of these woke idjits, blaming their shameful loses on racism and all the myriad of excuse ‘isms progtards love to use.

    And the MSM commies will just clap like dumb seals, agree and call them “oh so brave.”


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