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6 thoughts on “J.kb will be sporadic for a bit”
  1. Having just done it … yeah, I know how it is. And it always sucks.
    Just remember, if you’re on the fence about keeping something, it’s easier and cheaper to dispose of it before moving it across the country than after apcking, moving and unpacking it.

    1. In normal times, replacing stuff post-move is often a better plan.
      I’m really glad I brought along, in 2019, a bunch of stuff that should have been easy to replace in 2020… but, as things turned out, wouldn’t have been.
      Even some of the small, inconsequential, totally fungible stuff I left behind, expecting it to be easily replaced, I’m still regretting.
      (On the other hand, there’s still a lot of stuff in boxes, some of which I kind of want but can’t remember exactly which box it’s in. And I’ve bought replacements for several things, only to have the originals turn up almost immediately.)

      1. I get you … But that’s not quite what I meant.
        We just unpacked, for instance, a hot air popcorn maker that as I recall is a Christmas gift from around 7 years back. We use a microwave bowl popper instead so this thing is basically nib and never used. We had just forgotten we had it.
        So why pay to have it moved, and donate it to good will in the new zipcode, as opposed to donating it in the old zipcode?

        1. Ah! Seems I misunderstood you – and, looking back at what you actually wrote, I seem to have missed “if you’re on the fence about keeping something” in there.
          So, yes. There’s a lot of stuff we dumped before moving that won’t be missed at all. About three dumpsters full, as I recall, plus a vast amount of stuff that got donated.
          (But who would have thought we’d miss a pile of scrap lumber?)

          … Edit: alas, I let my wife cull the books at the ancestral residence, and it looks like all the Steinbeck tomes (among many others) got donated ahead of the move.

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