The house has started releasing J6 video footage. So far, about 29 GB of video has been released. I’ve looked over some clips. Interesting things I noticed:

Some cameras are PTZ (Pitch, Turn, ZoomPan, Tilt, Zoom). One video had the camera suddenly turn to face the crowd. It then zoomed in on a dangerous individual. The danger? She was looking straight at the camera and recording it on her cell phone.

Much of the footage is of empty or nearly empty halls.

There were multiple people being marched away in handcuffs.

When groups of cops interacted with groups of regular people, there was posturing but no violence. In one encounter, somebody was attempting to get around the line of cops. The cops just extended the line and blocked that forward motion.

The one angry person I saw was a cop. He was chasing a person back towards the larger group with his baton in hand. Once he got there, the group of cops stopped him, and he was turned around, still angry. Then the cop that stopped baton cop indicated to the group of people that they could proceed where baton cop had just come from.

I saw the violence of somebody kicking over an umbrella plastic bag holder. Bags that hold wet umbrellas, so they don’t drip on the marble floors.

The absolute worse thing I observed the people wondering through do was knock a stanchion with velvet rope was knocked over and then step on the velvet rope! A little later, they picked up the stanchion and moved it out of the way, so nobody would trip over it.

I just found one where the people entering are committing real crimes. First, there is a point where something is thrown at a cop and lands on the floor. Interestingly, none of the cops picked it up. I thought it might have been a magazine, but since we didn’t hear about a “magazine” I’m sure it was not.

The crowd then surges forward until the cops stop them. Then one person breaks(?) open a door on the right, and the crowd backs up and enters that room. It looks like it might be a way around the cops blocking the way.

Then the strange stuff started happening. There were attempts to open the left door. Some of those temps were very lame. In those cases, somebody almost always grabbed that person and told them to stop, and they did.

Then there were the “dressed for success” people. These people were ready for physical confrontation. One of them went at that door hard. Then got another person to help. Then tried to open the door with a sign post as a battering ram. When that failed, he left, he returned with somebody else, and they proceeded to start banging on the door. They got still more reinforcements until they forced the door.

None of the people right there seemed to want to engage. My spider senses tell me something isn’t right with these people.

Regardless, if they are on the “Trump team” they need to be arrested because they did the crime. If they are on the evil side, then they need to be arrested and, after being found guilty in a court of law, strung up.
West Stairs 2021-01-06 1440

CHA Subcommittee Reading Room

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5 thoughts on “J6 Videos – Updated”
  1. If the US population as a whole does not sue the J6 Commission for a full refund of the millions they spent, there is no justice. It should come directly from the members of that panel, not some Congress “whoops!” slush fund.
    Granted, the video themselves are rather boring. Like you note, a lot of empty hallways and rooms, or minor foot traffic. But, there are enough revealing things to throw the entire insurrection narrative out the window. Police clearing the way for the protestors to go down a hallway. Police uncuffing an individual then exchanging fist bumps with him before letting him leave the building.
    There may be perfectly valid reasons for a lot of these actions, but no one is questioning. In fact, they are trying to hide it.

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