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Structural racism may contribute to mass shootings, study says

Mass shootings in major metropolitan areas in the United States disproportionately affect Black people, and structural racism may play a role, according to a study published on Wednesday in the journal JAMA Surgery.

Researchers at Tulane University analyzed data relating to the 51 largest metropolitan areas, including demographic and income data as well as reports of mass shootings from 2015 to 2019 compiled by the Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit organization that tracks gun violence in the US.

CNN and the Gun Violence Archive define a mass shooting as a shooting that injured or killed four or more people, not including the shooter.

The study found that in areas with higher Black populations, mass shootings are likelier to occur compared to communities with higher White populations. There are also more Black people injured and killed when mass shootings take place, the findings say.

The first thing to note is how they count mass shootings.

I actually agree with this definition. The problem is that the media likes to focus is only on high profile mass shootings, which skews the data.

This definition covers gang shooting, shootings at house parties (which are usually gang related), drive by shootings, and other violent incidents that aren’t what the news portrays as mass shootings.

Once this is understood, it explains exactly why JAMA came to the conclusion that it did.

They were expecting angry white men shooting up schools and churches and got gangs shooting other gangs at drug deals and house parties.

Researchers intended to find whether mass shootings are a consequence of structural racism, which they described as “the normalized and legitimized range of policies, practices, and attitudes that routinely produce cumulative and chronic adverse outcomes for people of color.”

Since they didn’t get the results they were looking for, they need to come up with some bullshit to explain it.

So they take black gangs shooting other black gangs and turn it into the white man’s fault through thr nebulous concept of structural racism.

They correlated the cities’ Black-White segregation index, demographic data, poverty rates, educational attainment and crime rates.

Chicago had the greatest number of mass shootings during that period with 141, which led to 97 deaths and 583 injuries. According to the study, Milwaukee had the highest segregation index, which tracks racial disparities in schools and neighborhoods, while Baltimore had the highest unemployment rate.

Cleveland had the greatest income inequality.

Researchers said the study did not find a link between income and mass shooting events, but further research may be needed to define how income equality and poverty have an influence in mass shootings.

It’s not a simple as being poor and not having a job means more mass shootings.  The Left has consistently pushed the poverty causes crime idea for decades.  If only some people were given more welfare, affirmative action, or some other program, there would be less violence.

A little yes, but fundamental, there is a criminal element in society that exists independently of other economic factors.

Chicago gang culture is that factor, but they can’t acknowledge that.  So they have to study it some more, which means figuring out the linguistic bullshit to explain how this is still the white man’s fault.

This is amazing because we’re watching in real time people have an obvious answer from the data and trying to use it as confirmation bias to their ideology.

This is anti-gun hackery, not science by any means.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “JAMA attributes mass shootings to shit they made up”
  1. An interesting experiment, which would reveal the truth concerning Black Americans and Structural Racism. There is a significant movement across the nation in many states which favor the idea of reparations for Black Americans, and since equality and fairness are both said to be lacking for Blacks, due to White Racism against Blacks, I say all the white people of the USA should demand the federal government give all adult Blacks $250,000 each and a 9mm pistol and free food for a year.
    I am sure the approximately 33,000,000 black adults’ lives would experience fairness and equality. In fact it might even exceed the white standard of living in many areas of the nation. But I wonder, would that mean white people would no longer be racist? I’m betting the truth on this subject would definitely be revealed and studies produced by JAMA would not be needed anymore and JAMA would not need to use the words, “may contribute” again. (I do realize that $9,075,000,000,000 would be needed to pay that kind of money but, all that would be needed is to fire up the printing press, no problem)

  2. They needed a study to know that hood people doing hood shit in the hood affects not hood people not doing hood shit who are also in the hood? What a great use of resources!
    To put it another way, they are finally admitting/acknowledging that much shooting crime is gang related with little care for who is in the crossfire. Wow shocked face! Where’s my study money i could have told them that!

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