Jews and the future of the DNC

I caught this story on Twitchy.

Freshman Democrat Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, who has been celebrated as the US’ first Palestinian-American Congresswoman, had a meeting with a man who is is a total supporter of Hezbollah.

Such a sweet picture.

Such an obscene Jew hater.

Rep. Tlaib was the Member of Congress who accused supporters of Israel in the GOP of having dual loyalty and put the Post-it note on the map calling Israel “Palestine” which supports the Hamas charter of “drive the Jews into the sea.”

This was over a bill drafted by Senator Marco Rubio to allow states to push back on BDS.  Forty-three Democrats fought the bill arguing it’s a free speech issue, but the reality of BDS has been pretty awful.

It’s not just the targeting of Israeli business by a small group of radical Jew haters, Israeli researchers and professors have been frozen out of doing medical research and attending conferences hosted by universities that support BDS, Israeli exchange students have been sent home without credit, even US students have been denied letters of recommendation and support for wanting to study in Israel.

The there was Freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who Tweeted this about Israel.

And of course all the support Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has gotten from Linda Sarsour and the Women’s March.

The Freshmen class of the Democrats is strikingly Jew hattery.

Not just sort of mild stuff, but total “let’s support terrorism and get rid of Israel” level hatred.

Old Jewish Democrats are no going to change parties.  They are set in their way.

Young Jews need to ask themselves “just how loyal should we be to a party that has celebrated Members of Congress making Tweets about how evil we are joking about our genocide?”



5 Replies to “Jews and the future of the DNC”

  1. Shit, they don’t learn. Look at how anti Semitic in general the democratic party is. Why jews join it is beyond my comprehension. This is the equivalent of a cuban exile embracing communism.

  2. One minor issue: I believe the “post-it note on the map” was done by someone else, who then took a picture and shared. Not saying Rashida doesn’t think that way. Odds are she does, and maybe she did and someone else is taking the blame, but FYI.

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