My earlier post put me in a bad mood, subsequent news hasn’t helped.

Leftism is an intellectual and moral cancer.  It destroys a person’s ability to be rational, replacing it with a reliance on emotion and prejudice.

Leftism has metastatic horribly among the Jewish population in the United States and I think it might be terminal.

It didn’t take gas chambers or firing squads to end Judaism.  It took Jews going to Left-leaning institutions of higher learning and drinking the Kool-aid.

Clint Smith tells a story about a woman who attended his class, who was a Liberal until she mugged and beat up.  He closed his story with “Hell hath no fury like the ass-kicked Liberal.”

After the Pulse shooting, there was Operation Blazing Sword.  I wrote a post yesterday about Hispanics in El Paso arming up.

Well, there have been two Synagogue shootings in the last year.  Jews can’t walk down a street in Brooklyn without being beaten up.  Recently in Lakewood Township, New Jersey, over 100 tires were slashed on cars owned by Jewish residents in what the police describe as a “bias incident.”

You’d think that would be enough ass-kicking to inspire change in the Jewish community.  Well, it wasn’t.

The list of antisemitic acts by Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar is growing longer by the day.  They were just denied entry into Israel for supporting BDS.  The itinerary they submitted refers to “Palestine” even though they are flying into Tel Aviv and going to the US Embassy in Jerusalem.  This is a complete denial of the existence of Israel.  The activist organization that sponsored their trip is known for trafficking in the blood libel and supporting terrorism against the Jews.

I’ve seen more condemnation of Israel than of the Omar and Tlaib from Jews online.  Congresswoman AOC pals around with a group called   IfNotNow which is a Leftist group of Jews that is so focused on Palestinian rights that they deny the right of Israel to exist.

Hell, there is more condemnation from Jews for the Jerusalem police who shot two Palestinian teenagers who tried to stab them then there is for the teenagers who did the stabbing.

Leftist Jews run around screaming “Trump is Hitler” while defending antisemites who use the language of Jewish genocide.

The slogan “Never Again” has been turned into a defense of open borders, not a statement against genocide.

The biggest threat to American Jewery is American Jews.  They have gone so hard Left that they are embracing cultural suicide.

I don’t know how many more ass-kickings it is going to take to shift American Jewish culture if it is even shiftable at all.  What I do know is that ass-kickings will keep coming.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “Jews, I am disapoint”
  1. Shifting the collective (word choice intentional) American Jewish culture is not possible. Any shifting must take place at the level of the family and the individual. Only education or, possibly (not guaranteed), direct confrontration with the reality will do the trick.

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