I finally finished Ordinary Men.

While the book focuses of the enlisted Men drafted into the Order Police and what their motivations were, there were parts of the book covering how officers and some NCOs were uniquely cruel to the Jews and how that enabled a culture that made the callus shootings easier.

Jimmy Kimmel is laughing and cracking jokes about the demographics of people who died of COVID.  People with families and loved ones.

Human beings and fellow citizens.

He laughs about that.

This is the cruelty that enables a culture of ordinary people to hate and dehumanize a group enough passively accept of not actively engage in their extermination.

This isn’t funny, it’s evil.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel is a leader of ordinary men”
  1. They have no idea who they are fukkin with….
    I dont care what he says, media + democrat = low IQ assholes. If they get ballsy they will find out.

  2. Back in the Nineteen Teens and Twenties, Good Ole Jimmy and his Minstrel Show would have been making fun of the Darkies, I-Ties, Bohunks, and Jews for his Klan buddies in the Democrat Party.

    Same Democrat Party Hate, just some different targets

  3. Jimmy Kimmel would not only mock those people but he would also support the deployment of the military to go door to door of every home in this country and force people to get vaccinated pointing a gun to three head, support the mandated execution and extermination of everyone who resists but would also fully support the execution of every man woman and child in the country that is vaccinated but lives with someone who is not and dies. It fully support the execution of there family members. Jimmy kimmel would also support using turning machine guns on protestors in the effort to kill every Singh’s person that protests that and would also support the Democrats not just mandating the extermination of every Single United States citizen in the country that is not vaccinated but also the complete and total extermination of every single person that is vaccinated that opposes that as well as every Single United States citizen that opposes that calling For the complete and total extermination of every single solitary United States since that is not fully support the government killing every single solitary United States and that is not vaccinated Oppposes killing the unvaccinated. Just like he wants the Government to exterminate every single gun owner, Trump voter, conservative, Republican. Basically jimmy Kimmel desires the genocide of literally every single solitary human being in the United States that does not think like Jimmy Kimmel.

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