I’ve seen a lot of people on the Right say we just handed Taiwan over to China.

That’s small potatoes.

If I were Xi, I’d make a run on Hawaii.

The US Navy would half sink itself, the Marines would wouldn’t be able to engage before sitting through diversity and inclusion training on how to avoid Anti-Asian racism and gendered language in combat, Biden would surrender Hawaii, and Psaki would coordinate with the media to explain how Hawaii becoming a Chinese colony is a fix for the supply chain crisis.

It’s not like the residents of Hawaii have guns to defend themselves.  Hell, most of them would probably be happier to be saved from capitalist oppression by Chinese Communist liberators.

Honestly, Xi is stupid not to strike Pearl Harbor on Thanksgiving.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Joe Biden is America’s Neville Chamberlain to China”
  1. I keep wondering how large a fraction of the world’s high tech hardware companies (Apple, most smartphones, most PC makers) will go out of business due to not having any CPU chips. Those are all made in Taiwan, and if red China conquers Taiwan those factories will most likely cease to function.

  2. Or continue to “function” (sort of how the Xiao Bribem administration “functions”), only with product that is not up to spec, and made of Chinesium.

    1. Assuming the plants survive the invasion. Taiwan openly stating that China won’t profit, that they’ll implement scorched earth in case of any invasion, might be enough of a deterrent.

    2. Making high end chips is so hard that I don’t think the Communists could manage at all. Consider that even Intel, with all its experience, couldn’t make their fab do the latest generation — which is how the previous CEO lost his job.

  3. There is a secession movement in Hawaii. From having spoken with a few folks in favor … I suspect they would learn too late they wouldn’t like being under Chinese rule.

    But more than a few native Hawaiians hate mainlanders so much they likely wouldn’t care at first.

    1. The Christians of Byzantine Egypt held to a very slightly different form than what eventually became Eastern Orthodox. I know I’ve read about the doctrinal differences, but they really just boil down to a power struggle between Alexandria and Constantinople.

      So the Christians of Byzantine Egypt initially welcomed the Muslim invasion, as it “liberated” them from the domination of Constantinople.

      I suspect, if pressed, a modern-day Copt living in the US would quietly admit it was a mistake. Stating it publicly would risk yet another round of anti-Coptic riots and massacres in Egypt.

  4. You are being unfair. Chamberlain liked England and thought he was doing the best for her. Xiden is only doing the best for himself and his family (as if they won’t be the first up against the wall).

  5. SAT Time!:

    Choose the most accurate analogy:

    3. Zhou Bai Den is to President Xi as:

    A. Neville Chamberlain is to Adolf Hitler

    B. Winston Churchill is to Adolf Hitler

    C. Kamala Harris is to Willie Brown

    D. Jimmy Carter is to Ayatollah Khomeini

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