Via Fox News Jean-Pierre claims Americans can ‘take on inflation’ because of Biden American Rescue Plan

In an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon:

Jean-Pierre said on CNN that Americans must understand the position President Biden was in when he took office and asserted that the U.S. economy is “bouncing back.” She added that the administration believes they are in a “good position” to take on inflation.

“We’ve got to remember when thinking about gas prices and food this is coming from Putin’s war against Ukraine,” Jean-Pierre caveated. “The moment that Putin amassed forces on the border of Ukraine, we saw from then until now, we have seen a $2 increase per gallon on gas.”

Nothing is Joe’s fault. It is all the fault of the mean tweets.

She said that because of the American Rescue Plan we are all in a place where we can “take on” inflation.

I’m sorry, I’ve not seen my income increase to match inflation. I’ve not seen my wife’s salary increase.

What I’ve seen is that the gap between income and expenses is getting very very thin and soon will be near zero. We are already making decisions on which of two items we purchase. Do we feed the vehicles or do we feed the family. Fortunately for us we have food. It is the costs of everything else that scares me.

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By awa

6 thoughts on “Joe Was In A Bad Place When He Took Office, Inflation Isn’t His Fault”
  1. Getting that same argument from other ‘progressives’, Everything is Trumps and/or ‘capitalists’ fault.

  2. There’s a tiny kernel of truth here because bent over and taking Xi Jinping up the Khyber Pass is a bad position

  3. Nothing is ever the Democrats’ fault. It’s been going on for decades.

    All the problems* under Billy Jeff “Mr. Hillary” Clinton were Bush the Elder’s fault.

    All of Obama’s problems were Bush the Younger’s fault.

    And now, all of Brandon’s problems are Bad Orange Man’s fault.

    That’s over 30 years of history, right there. The Democrats have been publicly pretending that everything bad is Republicans’ fault for at least a full generation.

    * – That is, if you think that America-affirming foreign policies, reasonable fuel cost and availability, a strong domestic economy that benefits the middle class and small-to-medium businesses, etc. are “problems”.

  4. Remember, this is the same administration that is claiming inflation is so bad because supply cannot keep up with demand because people are buying too much.
    Now, I am not buying more these days, and no one I know is buying more, and talking with folks I know around the country, no one seems to be buying more in other geographic areas either. So… who is doing all the buying?
    (Oh… wait. It is just another excuse and way to transfer the blame. Silly me…)

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