Color me surprised, a balanced article from ABC News that actually starts from a pro rights point of view.

It is the most significant case regarding the Second Amendment since the high court affirmed the right to bear arms with its 2010 decision rendering Chicago’s nearly 30-year ban on handgun ownership unconstitutional.

“There’s been a big push to get more Second Amendment cases before the courts because many people believe that the lower courts were not being faithful to the Supreme Court’s decision in 2010 saying that states, as well as the federal government, were restricted by the Second Amendment,” Seth Chandler, a professor at the University of Houston Law Center who teaches constitutional law, told ABC News. “The Supreme Court for the past 10 years or so has just not placed that hot-button issue on its docket. But now, with this New York State Rifle and Pistol v. Bruen case, they’ve accepted those challenges.”
Major Second Amendment case awaiting Supreme Court decision

They actually describe Giffords Law Center as “Gun control advocates”. Amazing! I’ve read so few articles where these gun rights infringers are actually identified as advocates for gun control. Normally they are described in terms like “gun violence prevention” and “advocating for gun safety.” I’ll take this as a win.

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3 thoughts on “Journalisming? ABC Reports on NYSR&PA, Inc v. Bruen”
  1. “Gun control advocates” is slightly less dishonest than usual. But an accurate tag would be “gun confiscation advocates” or “anti Bill of Rights activist”.

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