I’ve said it before, Medium has become the Leftist version of Stormfront.  It is one of the most racist websites on the internet.

Still, I get notices from it.

Today’s racist diatribe is from a woman, K.C. Compton, who is a journalist from Seattle.  Clearly she is very Woke.  So Woke in fact, that she wants to reinstitute the Nazi’s Nuremburg laws.

Attention Angry White People: 8 New Rules

Oh, I can’t wait.  But firsts, she has to open with a preamble about how Woke she is.

In the past couple of months, I have eaten food from at least six nationalities (go, Seattle!) and have had personal interactions with black people, white people, Latinx people, transgender people, Asian people, gay people, Jewish people, Hindu people, Christian people, Muslim people, unaffiliated reprobates like myself, male people, female people and people who have chosen not to pick sides. And probably a number of other categories I’ve forgotten by now because I don’t care. This is just how my life rolls in a diverse city, among a diverse community, with a heart that is richer for all of them.

Seattle’s diversity makes it better than you and your city.  We’re not going to talk about the rampant homelessness, drug addiction, tent cities, poop and needles on the street, or anything else like that.

She then goes into the crisis facing Maine about the aging of the population and the lack of young workers.  This is clearly a job for the immigrants.

People from other countries have long filled the ranks of medical professionals and caregivers in this nation, but with harsher immigration policies and a public sentiment that makes the U.S. less inviting, the immigrant population will, predictably, dwindle.

I need to have an aside for a moment.  My grandmother still lives in Miami.  One of the biggest problems there for the elderly is at home cursing care.  Largely, the problem is that of cost.  Medicare doesn’t pay much for it and these people are on a fixed income.  To lower the cost the at-home nursing population has been filled with a large immigrant population and the results are fucking awful.

The nurses do not speak the same language as the patients.  There is wanton cruelty.  Care is poor.  Theft is common.

I experienced this myself when I was in the hospital in Miami for almost two weeks.  My doctors were excellent.  My orderlies were less so.

I was on a restricted diet.  I was brought all the wrong food and could not communicate with the woman who brought me the wrong food that I needed something else because I don’t speak Haitian Creole.  My mother ended up bringing me food from outside the hospital because it was easier than trying to send it back and get the right stuff.

Bringing in lost cost, unskilled, immigrant workers into the bottom end of healthcare to make it cheap is not a recipe for quality patient care, and being opposed to that doesn’t make a person racist.

My doctor was Venezuelan.  She was excellent.

For the vast majority of people on the right, the issue with immigration isn’t that we don’t want brown people coming to America.  It’s that brining in low skilled, poorly educated, people to do low-cost work even more cheaply is bad for the economy and the wages of Americans.

For her, it’s only about skin color.

I wonder how some of the horrible white people we are seeing on a daily basis these days insisting in the local Starbucks that the people a table away (who weren’t talking to them) SPEAK ENGLISH!!! or castigating the waiter in the MEXICAN restaurant where they were buying tacos (!!!) to GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM (“Unh … it’s my restaurant…”) are eventually going to deal with the fact that their lily white bum gets wiped by a foreigner or it doesn’t get wiped at all. That should be a day of reckoning, for sure.

So this Progressive woman has a solution.

If I were named Queen for a Day, these are a few of the new rules I would hereby order for all those angry white people:

1. If you don’t want immigrants to live in the U.S.A. and/or you think brown people of any type are your inferiors, you will be required to wear an indelible stamp across your forehead (not a tattoo, because we want you to have a change of heart) with a big, fat purple B for Bigot.

That’s somewhere been a yellow star and an arm tattoo.

2. If you are wearing your required B-for-Bigot stamp and you become ill, you will not be able to access care by anyone brown or from another country, especially Muslim or shit-hole countries (is “shit-hole” hyphenated or one word? Whatever).

Death by forced neglect.

3. You have to give up any food that any immigrant group has ever introduced here. No Mexican food, no Chinese, no Thai hot, no sushi, no Indian buffet, no soul food — no nuthin’ but potatoes and whatever some Native American might be kind enough to cook up for you. They will retain the right to refuse. You cannot eat anything harvested by any immigrant ever. You will starve.

I’m pretty sure this woman is too dumb to realize that the Mexican and Chinese food we eat in the US is not what they eat in Mexico or China.  Or that potatoes are originally from the Americas before being adopted in Europe a few hundred years ago.  Or that there is a huge tradition of European foods that are excellent.

She even seems to get race and immigration confused.  Is Italian food “immigrant food” or not to her.

What is important is that you will starve and die.

4. You will not be able to sell anything to anyone from an immigrant group or with skin darker than copy paper.

Just a reminder, the Nazis prohibited good Germans from buying from Jewish store owners or patronizing Jewish businesses.

5. You must relinquish all access to any music imported from any immigrant group or via any brown people. This leaves … unh … gosh … hmmm … still thinking. Even bluegrass or old-time country are out because that came to us courtesy of that pesky Irish/Scot invasion and, even though these were my people and they borrowed heavily on the African traditions already taking root in the South, they were, at one point, nasty immigrants.

By now, her logic has jumped ship.  Is there any group, even of white supremacists, that doesn’t acknowledge that white people in the US are of European descent?  So who are these straw-man nativists that are so nativists that the Scot/Irish who came in the 1700’s (American folk music predates the Irish Migration of 1840’s) are unwanted immigrant groups?

6. You will never be able to enjoy any electronic devices again — iPhones, tablets, laptops, PCs. According to the Census Bureau, despite making up only 16 percent of the resident population holding a bachelor’s degree or higher, immigrants represent 33 percent of engineers, 27 percent of mathematicians, statisticians, and computer scientist, and 24 percent of physical scientists.

I wonder how this woman feels about the fact that most of this data is represented by Japanese and Chinese immigrants, who now do so well financially that most of the SJW scene has stopped caring about Asians and colleges such as Harvard and the California University system actively discriminate against them?

Congratulations Asians, you are the new Jews.  You are too rich and successful to be good minorities anymore.

Also, again, the issue isn’t some kid who came to the US to get his degree in Computer Science and create the next billion-dollar dot com.  The problem is, if we’re going to talk about immigration in STEM, H1B visa abuse is terrible.

One IT company fired all of its American IT workers to bring over people from India for $800 per month.   It’s not racists to object to unscrupulous companies using immigrants to get away with paying tech workers less than minimum wage.

This woman realizes that her hate-train jumped the track so tries to correct:

Because this conclusion apparently isn’t clear to some readers, let me be completely explicit: We would not have a worthwhile culture or a society without the contributions of immigrants and/or people of color — who, yes, I know, are not necessarily the same.

So what started out as an attack on people who don’t believe an economic fix is to bring in low cost, low skill, immigrant labor has turned into an attack on generic white people who are not as woke as she is.

So you (wanna be white separatists) go ahead and sit over there in your little whitey-tighty corner, wrapped in gauze and buffered from any encounter with anyone not on your list of approved races, ethnic groups and/or gender expressions. I haven’t seen this list, but I assume you’ve all gotten together and worked it out, right?

These actual people measure in the hand full.  They are not representative of the majority opinion.

Let me spell it out.  This isn’t the 1800’s anymore.  We don’t grow more food by bringing in more farmhands to plow with a horse and harvest with a sickle.  One guy with a tractor can do the work of 100 men 100 years ago.  The nature of work in the US as changed.  The economy is less driven by low skill manual labor than ever before.  Even in areas like construction, the skill and knowledge to build things to code are necessary.

The situation we are running into in America is we have more low skilled people than we have jobs for them.  We have a glut of open jobs for people who have skills (welders, linesmen, pipe fitters, etc.).  An immigration policy that brings in more low skilled workers to compete with the low skilled workers we already have.

True story.  Remember how the Left went ballistic that ICE raided some chicken processing plants in Mississippi and arrested 680 illegal immigrant workers?  Here is the story they didn’t run after that.

The Illinois-based company had a job fair in Forest, Mississippi on Monday — in the same town where many of the immigrants swept up in the raids live.

Bell said more than 200 people filled out applications during the job fair, which ran from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Several applicants told VICE News they heard about the job fair on social media and wanted to work at Koch because they had worked there in the past and had been relatively well-paid. Many said they’d heard about the ICE raids and some said they had friends and acquaintances who’d been swept up.

Wow, 200 good-paying jobs in a town of 5,600 with a high poverty rate.  Sound like the (mostly black) population benefited from enforcement of our immigration laws.

Her disjointed logic, constant confusion or conflation of immigrants and minorities, and creating ruled that explicitly lead to the deaths of those she disagrees with is all part and parcel.

If you disagree with her Progressive politics, it doesn’t matter why, you will publicly branded, isolated from society, and forced to die.

But somehow it’s Trump supporters that are Fascists?

I guess I am not Progressive enough to understand how it’s a good thing to bring back the Nuremberg laws as long as they are aimed at white people.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Journalist from Seattle wants to impose Woke Nuremberg Laws in the US”
  1. Wow, what a load of $hit. Maybe I, as an engineer, should declare HER ineligible for what she lists in #6?

    The comments are pure gold, with folks chastising her for not being woke enough, or out-woking her with their particular takes.

    I’m no musicologist, but I call bull$hit on bluegrass being “black.” This revisionist crap of trying to make every type of music played by white people as theft is frustrating.

  2. The problem here is not one of ignorance.

    It is of hate. Not hate on the part of the woman writing this piece of mindless idiocy. (I really think I lost some IQ points just from reading the excerpts.)

    No, it is assumed hate. She assumes that there are to possible ways to live. A.) Either fully accepting everything… no…. not accepting, celebrating everything that is from different countries, cultures, etc… OR B.) You HATE everything that is not identical to you.

    Simple minds think in black and white. The comment about getting our “lily white backsides” cleaned is another indicator that this woman is definitely below average intelligence wise. Those words are meant for no other reason than to shock the reader. It is what children do when they are throwing a tantrum.

    IF you do not eat from various ethnic restaurants regularly, that means you HATE the countries/cultures that are running those restaurants. If you do not have daily interaction with at least a dozen people of differing backgrounds, you obviously HATE everyone who is not white. You did not participate in hyphenated-American Pride day parade? Hater.

    And, all of it stems from a simple mistake on the part of white Americans. They actually want the immigration laws to be enforced. Obviously, they HATE immigrants. All of them. Everyone that ever came from another plot of land and now lives in the USA. And, because white America HATES immigrants so much, they MUST reject everything that cannot be traced back to US soil.

    Yet, curiously, if you are black, and you refuse to shop in a store run by a white man, that is perfectly OK with her, I am sure.

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