I cannot put into words how hard this guy should go fuck himself.

This liberal arts dip-shit knows nothing about engineering or what it takes to design cutting edge defense technology.

What he does know is how to be a water-carrying mouthpiece for the Left.

Have you ever seen a ventriloquist drink water and have the dummy talk at the same time.

He does a similar trick but he rattles off DNC talking points while deepthroating Anthony Fauci.

The unvaccinated guys I know are developing hypersonic missiles, satellites, advanced spacecraft propulsion systems, etc.

But this guy has the fucking audacity to say that some of the smartest engineers in the country are too stupid to do their jobs because they are in their 30s and don’t want to take The Jab.

This is nothing more than reinforcing the two tier social class system where all Covidians are good, smart, and decent, while all “COVID deniers” are stupid, bad, and deplorable.

Some liberal arts dip-shit with a degree in uselessness, sitting at home on unemployment can read this and thinks that he’s smarter than a guy with two degrees in aerospace engineering, designing hypersonic missiles, because that engineer doesn’t want to be vaccinated.

This shit-weasel can fuck all the way off.

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By J. Kb

15 thoughts on “Journalist thinks his obedience makes him smarter than the engineers I know”
  1. He is blissfully unaware of how “intellectuals” like himself get targeted when revolutions occur, especially ones who have been denigrating the ones doing the cleansing.

  2. In IL, they passed a law about 25 years ago, unanimously, banning any employer or organization from firing/discriminating against people based off their vaccination/medical status.

    Now that’s being used against the state in multiple lawsuits so they’re trying to slip through a shell bill voiding the law.

    There was public opposition to it 75:1 but it passed through the committee anyway. This is a cult. Nothing else but.

  3. Just did a quick WEB search for “Has pResident Biden mandated vaccines for everyone yet”. After all the hell that has been raised about this I expected to find he did so some time back. After looking through the first 5 hits I believe he has not. I also believe such a mandate/order would be illegal and/or unconstitutional.

    For example: Giving a service member a BCD for refusing vaccination is an invitation to a law suit. Here an article about how mandatory vaccination worked out for Anthrax during our recent visits to the middle east. (Hint: It negatively affected morale and caused hate and discontent. Surprised?)


    And, OSHA, has not said how they’re going to handle this yet, other than they do not want input from employers.

    Strange times, these.

    1. They have threatened but a friend is getting an honorable discharge from the USMC after refusing. ymmv

    2. Robert, Biden has made lots of noises about “mandates” that haven’t actually happened.
      As for the issue that they would be unconstitutional and illegal, how many politicians do you know that care about such questions? There are none on the left, and only a small handful on the right.

  4. I responded to a similar you wouldnt take you children on a plane you didnt research thing post.

    These people have no idea how right they are.

    Ive seen the sausage made in a few industries and know the ingredients and process are often not of the purity or quality youd expect so something that sounds so fancy and critical as aerospace.

    This guy is the same. Blind trust with not a second of thought of or any knowledge about the behind the scenes of anything.

  5. From the thread…

    I’m fine now but given how little MAGAs cared about protecting me it’s hard for them to expect me to show antivaxers who quit their jobs sympathy. Back when I’d complain about my job their response was I should quit and find another job.——-

    He was fully vaccinated yet hospitalized for COVI. Because of the unvaxxed.

    I guarantee this didn’t pique his curiosity in the slightest.

  6. Given the performance of the airplanes that were designed at skunkworks, our aircraft designers should be smoking two packs a day. I mean that’s horrible medical advice, but imagine the planes they would design.

  7. The area I live and work in has a lot of unvaxxed, and very pissed off, engineers/machinists/technicians that make shit blow up from a long way away.

    If this goes the way these blue-checks want, I will posit with very high certainty that it won’t end the way they think it will.

  8. I’ve noticed that people that are successful in one area assume they are smart in other areas. One of my employers was a great sales man. I was hired to do system admin work as well as manage the development team.

    Every time we had a new client and had to do DNS work he would call me into the office to “show me how to do DNS”. Which for him was to click in cpanel a half dozen times and then type something into a window before clicking save.

    No matter how many times I explained that I knew how to use DNS and how many times I explained that I was part of the team that was testing the transition from hosts files to DNS for one of the root servers he always assumed he knew more than me about computer things.

    This guy is the same, he *knows* he is good because he has a blue check mark and a job at a place that values his work. He has never learned to look at information in a critical light.

    He has his end stance, everything else is mutable to get there.

  9. Once a person retreats in to “you must be stupid if you don’t think the same thing I do” there’s really no point in engaging with them. Same with “if you don’t already understand it I can’t explain it to you” style responses.

    What those really mean is that they don’t know why they believe what they believe, and it’s threatening to them that they might be wrong.

  10. Didn’t Biden et al say the wouldn’t trust the vaccine developed by -gasp- Trump. I guess shit for brains can’t remember that far back.

    Lol, if enough of the people in charge of food stamps quit, the ballon goes in NYFC, Chicago, Baltimore, Philthadephia, and other Dem enclaves.

  11. I am vaccine hesitant, because I’m old enough to remember thalidomide, fully FDA approved. (Look it up. I’ll wait.)

    I can remember being taught that the pioglitizides (like Avandia) were the shits in diabetic management. Until the liver problems and increased heart problems compared to diabetics managed on insulin without Avandia became known.

    And so forth. There is no shortage of medications that, once approved fully (not even this bullshit “Emergency Use Authorization), were found to have unacceptable levels of previously unsuspected risk, and are now no longer on the market.

    Yet, since CMS, the drones who administer Medicare and Medicaid, have decreed that no provider who is NOT vaccinated can be paid by M’caid/M’care money,. well, I “vax” or I am unemployable.

    And, while you could stop taking Avandia, I am unclear on how one can “stop” the “vaccine”, once administered.

    However, Young Einstein, in his arrogance, does not/cannot know these simple history lessons.

    Asshole. (both him and Xiao Bribem)

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