Jurassic World… yes the latest on the saga of Jurassic Park but I think this one may rock. Why? Two words: Trained Velociraptors!

But that is not the purpose of this post but to announce that Dragon Leatherworks has found its way into the movie Go Dennis and Rebecca!

Hey folks!

Check out the screen shots for the upcoming Jurassic World! We designed and built that knife sheath that Chris Pratt wears right here in Oak Ridge.

Jurassic Leather 1 Jurassic Leather 2 Jurassic Leather 3


Also….hanging on Chris Pratts belt just behind the right hip in the third photo….they asked for a unique multi-tool holder, and we designed that as well!!

Anyone a fan of the Jurassic Park movies?

Have a knife that needs a sheath?

Want an exact replica of the sheath, made by the same person that designed/built the one in the upcoming feature film?

Drop us an e-mail for pricing, and how to get your very own copy of the sheath!

Go check them out by clicking on the ad at your left… the other left.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

4 thoughts on “Jurassic Leather courtesy of Dragonworks”
  1. On a totally different topic…

    I know movie guns have to look cool, but why to they select such crappy weapons for dino hunting. A mini-gun may throw out 6,000 rounds/min but I doubt 7.62 has much of an effect on a 40+ foot long 5+ ton animal.

    And don’t get me started on using a 12 gauge, a SPAS from the first movie and now a UTS-15. The best thing about Lost World (Jurassic Park 2) is that the big game hunter they hire is actually packing a double gun in 600 Nitro Express.

    If I was guarding people from dinosaurs, my list of guns would start with a CZ 550 in .458 Lott and go up from them to the appropriately named .577 Tyrannosaur or .600 Overkill.

    Anything belt fed would have to be a FN GAU-21, which is a M2 .50 BMG modified for aircraft use at 1,100 rpm.

    Serious knockdown power for dangerous game. As the guide who took me on safari said “when hunting an animal that hunts you back, there is no such thing as too much gun.”

  2. Pete Postelwaith is the only person thus far that saw the danger in the dinosaurs and knew how to treat them. And of course that was scuttled by a goddamn hippy who stole the live rounds from the chamber. OTOH, I really doubt that a guy that dedicated and intelligent would have left his rifle laying about, and I’m quite sure he would have brought more than the two rounds.

    I certainly want something with adequate penetration, too. Barnes Originals, or X-Bullets, or maybe Swift A-Frames. It seems like all the dangerous dinos have very deep, narrow chests, and you aren’t likely to get a broadside angle, so any shot you take has to get through a thick hide, muscle, a steeply angled ribcage, and still get deep enough to penetrate to the vitals. It’s a different challenge then, say, Cape Buffalo, I would think. To be honest, I’ve not hunted either one, but hypothetically, at least.

    Great job on the leather, Dennis!

    1. I have come to greatly appreciate the power of the Woodliegh Hydrostatically Stabilized bullets for deep penetration and big wound channels, great for bigger dinos.


      I think keeping some soft points like Woodleigh Weldcore or Trophy Bonded Bearclaw bullets for some of the smaller dinos (velociraptors), especially in more manageable caliber like .357 H&H.

      Thinking about it, I might, just might, retract my statement about shotguns, for limited purposes only. The velociraptors in the moves seem to be just above man size (6 foot, 15-300 lbs).


      Seeing how the humans tend to get attacked by them in packs and in close quarters (inside buildings) I would think that a Semi Auto 12 gauge with ghost ring sights or a red dot loaded with 3″ magnum slug (like the Brenneke Special Forces Maximum Barrier Penetration Magnum or Brenneke Magnum Crush) would be useful for close range, especially if combined with a magazine tube extension. Throwing out a 1.25 oz slug with 3500+ ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle should stop a raptor at CQB distances, and be faster on the reload the a .375 H&H.

      But yeah… the only “bad guy” from Lost World who didn’t get eaten was the big game hunter, because he had respect for the dangers of game that can hunt you back.

  3. J-, I too was thinking about ammunition types for taking on Dinos, with regards to the UTS-15 perhaps that platform packing 12G slugs wouldn’t be too bad of an idea.. i guess no where near the stopping power of elephant gun rounds as you reference above but you have the high ammo capacity on the other hand (saying that you could find a more reliable gun than the UTS.. maybe the AA-12). I wonder if 12G slugs would in fact work.. shotguns are pretty versatile when it comes to ammo use; i’m sure people could design anti heavy game rounds based around slugs?

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