I do not support Donald Trump.  I am not going to defend the things Donald Trump has said.

However, if your argument against Donald Trump’s rhetoric on Islam and Syrian refugees is:

“The things Donald Trump is saying will recruit more people to join ISIS inspire domestic Islamic terrorism against the US.”

Than you are seriously proving his point.

We gun owners and NRA members know you on the left hate us.  You call us murderers and terrorists.  You publish front page articles saying horrible stuff about us that would make you apoplectic if a Republican said the same thing about Muslims.

And after all of your terrible rhetoric and insults, how many radical gun nuts have gone on killing sprees to defend the Second Amendment?


Why? Because civilized people in a civil society do not respond to insulting and ugly rhetoric with violence.

Think about that for a little bit.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Just a quick thought”
  1. Donald Trump is not my first choice for President. He’s kind of our version of Bernie Sanders: lots of incoherent ranting and complaining, not a whole lot of solutions. The thing Trump is best at is spending money, and the last thing we need when trying to get out of an economic quagmire is more spending. Given my pick, I’d go for Carson, Fiorina, Paul, or Cruz, pick any 2.

    He does, however, know how to use the Democrats’ publicity machine against them, and as much flack as he’s gotten from the racist Left over his proposed ban on Muslims entering the US(and let’s face it, they’ll complain about literally anything as long as a Republican is backing it), what he proposed was perfectly reasonable, caused his support to skyrocket, and even has support among the Democrat voting base if you don’t tell the poll-ee that Trump is the one making the suggestion.

    As for their claim that Trump wanting to stop Muslims from entering the US is racist? They’re equating a religious view with an ethnic group. Now THAT’S racist.(and as my atheist friend would say, “Well now I’m Catholic.”)

  2. I have posted this view many times, so far no takers. This is my only request.
    If Donald Trump lied or offended any group, please post your objections.
    What has Donald Trump lied about? Simple request!

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