Everywhere I turned today on the news I saw more and more advocacy for marijuana legalization coming from the Left.

I, for the life of me, have had a hard time trying to reconcile why the same people who fought big tobacco and the pharmaceutical industry tooth and nail are suddenly all pro-pot in a big way.

Call me a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist but I think I have an idea.

I think the Left knows that its ideas are shit.  The only people who do well in a big government is those in big government and their well connected friends.

The legalization of Marijuana is nothing more than the Aldous Huxley’s Soma.

Just provide enough welfare to keep people from starving and more than enough Marijana to anesthetize them into submission and the big wigs on the Left can line their pockets to their hearts content from the government coffers with little resistance.

Call me crazy, but why else would some people in the government be working so hard to let a brain and soul deadening substance be used freely among the lower socio-economic classes ?


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By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “Just a thought on a Sunday”
  1. Why would the rulers want a dru addled population? I think this 200 year old lesson from China might apply.

    They would sell Europe their silk, tea and porcelain, but would buy nothing in return.

    Because Chinese goods were so sought-after in Europe, an imbalance of trade developed. European gold and silver went to China to import goods, but none returned because there was no possibility of export. This was unacceptable to the British and they desperately looked for a solution.

    The solution to Britain’s problem was opium. Although opium had been used in China for medicinal purposes for a long time, it had not been used as a recreational drug. The British introduced opium to China in 1825, and soon, not surprisingly, Chinese began to be addicted to the drug. The emperor outlawed the possession, use, and trade in opium, but the profits were so immense, that an illegal trade quickly developed. The East India Company in India supplied all the opium the Chinese wanted and the Chinese government was unable to stop the smuggling. The balance of trade gradually reversed.

    Of the products which China exports to your foreign countries, there is not one which is not beneficial to mankind in some shape or other. There are those which serve for food, those which are useful, and those which are calculated for re-sale; but all are beneficial. Has China (we should like to ask) ever yet sent forth a noxious article from its soil?

    He received no reply. Left on his own to solve the problem, Lin ordered the destruction of a large supply of opium stored on Chinese soil. (The Chinese had allowed the British one port in which they could trade with China).

    The British were outraged, and the first Opium War began. Faced with British industrial weaponry, it was no contest, and Britain easily defeated the Chinese. As part of the settlement of the war, China was forced to agree to open up new ports for trade, and to surrender the island of Hong Kong. A second Opium War was launched by Britain in 1856, forcing more concessions on the Chinese. Among other humiliations, the Chinese government was no longer able to hold foreigners accountable under Chinese law for crimes committed in China. The proud Central Kingdom had lost the ability to control trade and foreign nationals within its own borders.

    1. “Has China (we should like to ask) ever yet sent forth a noxious article from its soil?”

      Other than tainted pet food, tainted baby food, fake and out-of-spec electronics, and endless streams of counterfeits?

      1. Do not forget their Chinese labs are producing much of the fentanyl and car-fentanyl that is killing dozens of Americans each day.

        The good news is that China has supposedly outlawed the manufacture of fentanyl products in China. I will be very happy if that is true, and the Chinese actively hunt down these labs and chemists. Maybe too many Chinese are now getting high on their own supply?

      2. I think he was quoting a question from the 1850s, when that statement might have been closer to true.
        But nowadays? Certainly not. I remember a fairly recent report, I think when there was some scandal about lead paint used on toys exported from China, that revealed Chinese law was supposed to disallow the sale of dangerous products — but only in the country. Making known-dangerous stuff for export was perfectly ok. So the letter of the law (ignoring for now whether it’s actually enforced by the corrupt government) said that exporting lead-painted children’s toys is just peachy. Nice folks…

  2. Drug fogged subjects are easier to control and they will vote for dems because they are champions of the drug fogged. Lets ship all the stoners up to the northeast and all us working stiffs will move south. “Politely “convince dumbacrats to move north and then WE build a wall ont the mason dixen line…

  3. You’re on the money, literally… and agree with the other commenters too. They WILL come after your guns if you use any opioids…

  4. John Morgan, of “For the People” fame, fought hard to get medical MJ legalized. He never disclosed how many dispensary applications he had already submitted.

    1. He’s a total sleazy slimeball. I found it ironic a few years ago that his rentboy Swappin’ Charlie was campaigning on how private jets and oceanfront houses were evil- as he flew around on Morgan’s private jet and hung around Morgan’s oceanfront houses.

  5. I’ve been pitching the “marijuana is soma” for a while now, nice to see I’m not the only one thinking that.

  6. Pretty simple really.

    People seeking unlimited power and control will always push for two thing. Relaxed regulations on drugs, and increased regulations on weapons.

    Drugs are a tool the government can use to control the masses.
    Guns are a tool used by the masses to control the government.

  7. Part of the communist manifesto to take over a country, is to get the population (the youth in this case) hooked on drugs to reduce their will to resist.

  8. Russia is the model which demonstrates exactly what you’re concerned about—i.e. a citizenship which self-sedates to epic proportions via government provided cheap affordable alcohol.

    Russia’s government openly states that its own citizens are ‘not qualified’ to manage their own lives…. other than the responsibility to ‘stay drunk, be happy’ and don’t resist or your happiness will end.

    Once America’s people are ‘disqualified due to mental incapability to even THINK RATIONALLY’ or have the ability to achieve ‘Critical Thinking’, they certainly must be unarmed for their own good—only commonsense (which the citizens do not have the ability to exercise anymore).

    The socialist liberal leftist already vehemently insist that the nation’s strongest demographic–white working class people–have created a “Victim Class” out of all other demographics. This same demographic therefore is primed to whole-heartedly embrace a government approved sedative to ease their suffering.

    In Central Florida where I live, those who love their professions reject the stuff, and those who don’t, embrace it as if it’s a ‘right to ease the pain caused by….guys like me on society’.–Enjoying work 70 hrs. a week offends them.

  9. My personal opinion.

    We will find out that the long term effects of mj on developing minds is terrible and not reversible. Chronic use by adults will likewise be horrific. We will breed a lost generation of psychologically stunted tokers.

    I still remember an “expert” article in Cosmopolitan Magazine from the mid-1970’s that said cocaine was a wonderful harmless party drug and was completely non-addicting. Cocaine was non addictive??? Crack made its violent appearance only a decade later.

    There are enough states that have legalized or decriminalized weed. Let the Federalism Experiment commence. No new states until we know more in twenty years. Want to toke up? Move to Colorado, California, or some other blue state sh1+hole with legal mj.

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