The CDC came out and said that there is no reason to wear masks outdoors or for vaccinated people to wear them indoors.

Social media then exploded with people saying they are going to continue to wear masks or demand others wear masks to make themselves or others feel safe.

Everyone in the concealed carry community should have seen the entire mask thing coming.

The one, consistent argument that the Left makes against concealed carry is that they are afraid of other people having guns.  They are afraid that there are people around them, carrying guns concealed, and that those carriers will suddenly snap start murdering people.

Not that this has ever happened, but they feel like it will so you must lose your gun rights so they can feel better about a scenario that has never happened be even less likely to happen.

This is the same thing that has and is happening with masks.  As it turns out the rate of outdoor transmission is minuscule, and the rate of transmission by a vaccinated person is negligable.

But these people feel that it is a risk to them, despite statistics making it clear that it’s not, so they will continue to demand masking to make themselves feel better about a statistically insignificant risk.

It is fundamentally the same principle.

YOU must lose a right/freedom/normal aspect of humanity so that I feel better about something that in reality poses little to no risk to me at all, but I’ve worked myself into a tizzy over.”

In a healthy society, people who want to deny you your rights so they feel safer should all be told exactly where they can fuck-off to forever away from normal people.  Unfortunately, it seems that we have normalized letting the most histrionic worriers set the rules.

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By J. Kb

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