Chilling video captures crazed customer swing machete at hapless deli clerk

Chilling video shows the moment a crazed, angry customer — known only as “Ricardo” — marches into a Hell’s Kitchen deli, swings a machete at the clerk behind the counter, then spins on his heel and leaves without appearing to say a word.

The blow to the victim’s left shoulder sends the injured man to the floor of the store, Liberty Bagel & Deli on Ninth Avenue between West 48th and 49th streets.

Here is the video from CBS.

What a fucking shit hole.

What is with people in New York City that they can see a man walk down a street with a machete, clearly not doing yard work (because nobody has a yard there) and just sort of ignores it?

“Here’s this angry dude with a big fucking knife coming my way and I’m just going to take a step to the side and keep texting.”

And the slashed guy’s coworker responds with no alacrity what so ever.

It’s always the places where you can’t carry a gun that you need a gun.

What a shit hole.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Just life in New York City”
    1. Yep. Look at Memphis. Cops shoot guy who they attempted to arrest for multiple felonies. He allegedly tries to flee, ramming multiple police cars and brandishing a weapon.

      Public response? mass rioting.

      1. Thirdpower: Hear, hear!

        So, (a) anticipate cops being incentivized (eg, firings and prosecutions) to NOT do their jobs, whereupon The Ferals will determine that it is hunting season on The Normals. As our society spins out of control, well, (in the words of Ol’ Remus) STAY AWAY FROM CROWDS! (and, simply to be clear, cities=crowds. suburbs=entirely too near to crowds).

        (b) in order to consider some potential follow on effect see Aesop’s musings (, or Bracken’s (

        Then, of course, is the thought that if you do not have to shop (got food?), and have the means to protect that food from undocumented logistics personnel (you might consider thinking of them as looters) (got guns? got skills with guns?), and have the means to provide for your family’s health and medical needs for [short term][long term] (got medical preps? got training? have you experience using those preps? if not, why have you not volunteered with your community’s ambulance service?), then your need to venture out and thereby increase your likelihood of encountering The Ferals, diminishes materially. To a clinically significant value of reduction.

        Sadly, whenever some paranoid articulates the thought that TPTB simply see the productive members of society as cattle, to used and discarded when of no further value, one of “The Right People”, or their favored ones, says/does something that, if you listen closely, sounds like “oh, yeah? Hold my beer!”

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