New York City Mayor Eric Adams has made ending the rising tide of gun violence a top priority. He describes it as “the civil rights battle of our lifetime” and explains that guns are “destroying the anatomy of our cities and our communities.” The mayor has met with President Joe Biden, appointed a “gun violence prevention czar,” issued a 15-page Blueprint to End Gun Violence and targeted guns on New York City streets.
NYC Mayor Adams wants to end gun violence — will the Supreme Court prevent him?

And at the same time:

And yet, New York is tied with Massachusetts for the second-lowest rate of gun-related deaths in the nation at 3.7 deaths per 100,000 people, a statistic that includes suicides, homicides, accidents, and people shot to death by police officers. Only Hawaii’s rate is lower.
Why New York has such a low rate of gun death

As I stated in Polling shows the courts are suppose to make rulings based on the law. The foundation of our laws is our Constitution. If a law violates our Constitution it is unconstitutional making it null and void.

Regardless of that, the media, politicians, and gun rights infringers continue to scream and shout about why their infringements should be allowed.

“It is the will of the people!” Then try to repeal the second amendment and find out that you can’t take a right away from the people.

“It will save the lives of people!” Well that’s well and good, but there are studies that show the opposite of what they are claiming. As well as looking at more than just people killed with firearms.

One of the statistics quotes is how much safer England is with no guns. The quote is number of people killed by guns. Yet ask Madana what happens when the criminal element doesn’t fear the subjects of the crown. Robberies are much more common in England than in the US. Burglaries are taking things from a building, robberies are taking things from people.

While New York might be tied for second lowest gun deaths that doesn’t mean that NYC (1 in 172) is as safe as downtown Henderson, NV (1 in 460). Violent crime isn’t limited to murder by firearm. Violent crime is murder, rape, robbery and assault. Neighborhood Scout

The mayor of NYC thinks that he can pass just one more, or one dozen more, or one hundred more laws that will stop criminals from being criminals.

It just isn’t going to work. Criminals just got to Criminal.

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One thought on “Just One More Law…”
  1. NYC is populated AND run by idiots.
    They deserve what they vote for, massive taxes, massive crime, and ever lowering standards of living. But, for some reason, they are proud of it. Ask your average NYer if they want to go anywhere else, and they will say no. Ask them if everyone wants to live in NYC, and they will tell you yes. It is like the abused wife who not only swears she is happy, but will kick the ass of any woman who looks at her guy.

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