In response to the landmark case of NYR&PA v. Bruen we in the guns right community celebrated. This was an amazing win for the Constitution and for Americans.

For years we have been fighting the concept of the “living document” as our Constitution. “The Constitution of the United States was not made to fit us like a strait jacket. In its elasticity lies its chief greatness.” — Woodrow Wilson.

This is true, but not as the left sees it. The elasticity lies in our ability to amend the Constitution. We, as a nation, have seen fit to do this 18 times. The first time was when the Bill of Rights was added and the other 17 times added a single amendment. The latest in 1992. The 27th amendment to the US Constitution only took 200+ years.

Our Constitution is not a straight jacket that binds us from change. It is a document that is hard to change. It takes work. In addition it requires the only polling that actually matters, in the voting booth. Everything else is just noise. It is only in the polling booth that we learn what the people actually want.

This is why there is so much effort put into creating confusion in ballet questions. This is why there is so much effort put into controlling the count of votes. This is why there is so much effort put into ways of injecting votes into the system that are questionable.

Today we are seeing the temper tantrums of the left when the Court stated that the constitution should be read as it was written. That we don’t get to redefine words. We don’t get to twist words to mean what we want them to mean now. Just consider how the left has twisted “well regulated” from its original meaning of “functioning well” to “having lots of regulations”

Having lost the gun control battle the left with its gun rights infringers had a mental break. Having been told that “good cause” is unacceptable many gun rights unfriendly states immediately went with “good moral character”. Congress passed a gun control bill that flies in the face of Bruen.

And Biden got up to talk about how wonderful this bill was but that it was just a start.

Ignoring Bruen he immediately went to “We need an assault weapons ban” and by assault weapon he means all centerfired semi-auto rifles. And once that is done, there is just one more.

Just one more until there is nothing left…

There is a story from the Civil War that the commander of the a Union Army did not want his troops to devastated the country side. Orders were passed that the troops were only allowed to take ONE rail from the split rail fences of the area. And that is what happened.

The troops would take the top rail, enough to feed their fire. Anybody that saw them take that rail would move to the next section and take the top rail. After they left another group of troops would come by and take the new top rail. In just a short period of time the split rail fence was reduced to almost nothing. And nobody took more than just the top rail.

Just one more law. Just one more rule. Just one more restriction. There is no fence.
Biden renews push for assault weapons ban — and calls for safe storage law

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By awa

One thought on “Just One More…”
  1. No matter what “law”(restrictions) are passed, liberals are never happy….. they prove it every day. When are We the People gonna start living life as the majority??? 26% are acting like 74%. IF republicans win in November it will be up to the 74% to bug the shiite out of them to force them to work for us. No more “reach across the aisle “ bs. We the People have been complacent for too long.

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