I saw this tweet from Senator Cruz and a thought formed in my head.

With the possibility that Cyrus Vance Jr. New York County District Attorney would indict Trump so he is not able to run for President next election, I figure that it would piss Republican voters (and I reckons a size chunk of independents) enough that a presidential ticket composed of Ted Cruz and Ron DeSantis would demand an incredible amount of fraud from the part of Democrats to defeat.

Just an idea with my first coffee of the day

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “Just ponder about this for a second”
  1. Every US Senator, including Cruz, is corrupt. He talks a good game for the cameras but he’s a swamp creature to the core. And his wife was an exec at Goldman Sachs.

    DeSantis seems like the real deal.

  2. I’d probably vote for desantis, but Cruz seems like too much a a weenie who just rolled over last go around and fall back into the comfort of keeping the base riled up. I used to like him too.

  3. “… would indict Trump so he is not able to run for President next election…” — Huh? That would have exactly zero impact on his eligibility, the Constitution makes that very clear. For that matter, technically the same is true if he were convicted of something. While states may make felons ineligible to vote, they (interestingly enough) have no power to make them ineligible to be elected.

  4. Ted Cruz for the supreme court.

    I do not want him running for President. He is too demonized by the Left, AND he has shown some very bad political judgment when the heat was on. Anyone remember his 2016 RNC Convention Speech?

    I say this as a Cruz 2016 supporter.

  5. It’s a viable THREAT…. but thats all it is…. Trump is insulated. UNTOUCHABLE to the present regime. He is protected by the military. He still is in control of the military. The coming weeks, are going to be fabulous in bringing out the Deep State, and they will have their underbelly totally exposed. Nothing can stop what is coming, Miguel…. Just because the general public cannot see what it happening, do to the dismantlement of the DS, don’t think nothing is happening….

    You will here from Trump soon, over the EBS system, and all declass will be released, and all players exposed….

    Bye Bye Bushies, Obama, Jo and the HO… ALL are not going to end well for them.

    This whole operation, was planned from 2015, and on. Every step of this taking down the World Wide Deep State, was planned by Trump, and a few other patriots.

    You’re going to see things come out that are extremely disturbing, and horrible. Things you may have put aside as propaganda.

    People you thought were DEAD, are alive….
    People you thought were alive, are DEAD!!!

    Trump is surrounded by active duty SPECOPS seals, and forces.at all times He is TOTALLY INSULATED…. Cyrus Vance, is also one who will be taken in to custody, as a dead man walking.

    Did you ever look at google earth, and see how much GITMO HAS EXPANDED IN SIZE?? More than 3 times the size iot was during Obama years…

    Does that make you curious about why?

    Over 600,00 sealed indictments are about to, or have been unsealed. You will hear about most of them. I expect we will hear about them in the coming days/weeks.

    The first one will be shacking to all. You will be totally knocked out of breath over it, yet, you will fight hard for what it means…

    WWG1WGA, isn’t just a meme…. NCSWC, is a factual truth, some will not be able to handle. Some are awake to whats been going on, and it will still be devastating to them, at first, until all is exposed.

    Trump will tell you, He caught them ALL… EVERY ONE OF THEM!!! He has the leaders of many allies, who were involved, in hos back pocket, and agree now helping the new Republic of the United States, return to 1776 rule of law, constitutional law. Common Sense law….

    The “Corporation of the United States, is bankrupt, and no longer exists. The Military is on Trumps side, and honor their oath to this republic, without question.

    After exhausting all legal means of fighting against a stolen election, The military was the only way. It had to be this way. You cannot just tell people about what they have been living under, you have to SHOW them. And he is and has been doing this for the last 5 years.
    Anons are not “WHACKO”. We are a unique group of former military, and civilian Computer experts, who get fed crumbs of intel, and we figure them out, to see what is happening. AND watch the progress. In ALL “Q” drops, future proves past. Time lines are not important. They are a distraction for the enemy. The military conducts its mission on an event basis. One even completed, leads in to the next event, killing,(Literally), the enemy’s means of communicating,and intel collection.


    “Q” sent me….

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