By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Just something really cool”
  1. Gotta luv how fuzzy and out of focus it is. ALL the nasa pictures look like they were taken with a 1960s super 8 movie camera…. Maybe ol elon will move all the liberals to mars….

    1. Yeah … But that camera had to survive launch (which is a lot rougher on non-man rated rockets), a nice long coast through interplanetary space (radiation, heat, cold, and a vacuum environment which can play holy hobb on optomechanics), reentry, landing and deployment.
      Picture quality is important but the camera had to survive. Plus if this is night, I expect it’s a low-light mode and those often look pixelly. 🙂

  2. I’ve tried to explain to people what the night sky actually looks like even here on earth; until you’ve seen it mid-ocean a 1,000 miles away from anything you have no idea. The Milky way is so bright you can actually read by starlight with no moon, it’s absolutely stunning, that’s what that video reminds me of.

    1. A man hasn’t lived, until he’s rode a surfaced boat, in the middle of the ocean and watched the bow cut through the waves of phosphorescence from the oceans denizens and seen the glory of Gods sky.

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