This is a sequel to my post Just stay the f**k out of Portland, that city is occupied territory.

Here is the coverage at the time from a local Portland news outlet:


This is the follow-up:


Those are serious injuries.

Here is more video from the scene, grabbed and reposted:

They beat this man so badly they broke five of his ribs and collapsed his lung and there have been no arrests and there are not going to be.

The Portland police at the behest of the mayor have let Antifa take control of the city.

This guy is getting out of Portland, which is about the only thing he can do.

Antifa will start murdering people at roadblock soon.  This shit should have been nipped in the bud a year ago and it hasn’t.  Antifa has only been emboldened by it and now they control the streets.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Just stay the f**k out of Portland – a follow-up”
  1. I fear that an honest citizen just trying to go about his business will respond, um, unfavorably to thugs pointing guns at him and the feces will hit the air circulating device.

    More than likely, there will be collateral damage and the citizen will be charged with starting it all. Sigh.

    I don’t believe that the thugs have the reproductive organs to _start_ shooting, but in the hubbub after the theoretical citizen defends himself, they _will_ shoot in panic. Double sigh.

  2. And WHEN they start murdering people nothing will be done. It’s just a matter of time when they realize that they can literally start killing people and not only will they get away with it the police will go after you if you defend yourself.

    It’s just a matter of time when they start forming groups with the intention of killing people. And then comes the going door to door breaking into peoples homes and murdering everyone in those homes. I’m not talking single homes; I’m talking entire neighborhoods.

    I’ve called it before. A mob of antifa going door to door of every home and business in Portland breaking into every home and literally killing every single person in Portland not antifa. And when they are successful in killing thousands of people in Portland it is taken nationwide. Antifa armed up goes door to door of every major city with the intent to literally kill every single person in that city that opposes them. Literally thousands of people will be killed every single day by them. In some cases tens of thousands. Entire neighborhoods depopulated. And the state governments won’t do anything. Except to go after the people that shoot back. And the federal government won’t do anything except use it as a way to get more power.

    At least after antifa is done killing hundreds of thousands, millions of people and they get what they want which is a single party state communist dictatorship they will be lined up against the wall and shot themselves.

    The total destruction of the United States in every way is deliberate. The question is why.Why do the Democrats hate the United States, hate the people of the United States and want to exterminate all human life in the United States not them? There has to be a reason.

  3. When they start indiscriminately killing people with little to no repercussions, I predict things will spiral out of control. Very likely you’ll wind up seeing revenge killings from the families of ANTIFA/BLM’s victims. This will in turn cause the Left to get even more violent, which in turn will cause more people to fight back. I don’t think most of the authorities realize what a fragile situation this is. I pray it doesn’t get any worse.

  4. They’re trying to provoke an overreaction from ordinary people. They want/need an excuse to impose draconian measures that eliminate the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Any politicians and police officers who allow this to continue must be held accountable.

  5. Once again, I recommend Andy Ngo’s book “Unmasked”.
    He has hundreds of footnotes in this well-researched book. There are at least 100,000 dedicated antifa members nationwide, and more in Europe. They train with firearms and TTP. (tactics, technique, and procedures).
    They have been brainwashed into believing that their cause is righteous, and any method to achieve victory is ok.
    Please, buy the book while it is still available….

  6. You actually believe the scumbags who plan on killing you would call an ambulance for you?? Get your heads out of your asses and start to return fire..

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