The media have anointed Kamala Harris as the Democratic nominee in 2020.  Sure, there are other primary candidates, but none of them have already gotten their own town hall courtesy of CNN.  We can all expect the same media bias for Kamala that we saw used to make Hillary Clinton the nominee back in 2016.

It’s clear why she is the media favorite, she checks a lot of the same boxes that Obama checked.  She’s younger than all the other likely or announced candidates by a solid 20 years.  She’s a minority of immigrant parents.  She has been associated with some radical Leftists.

To he honest, she’s the only Democrat so far that hasn’t come off looking someone built a geriatric android programmed to mimic senility.

Her proposed policies are an amalgamation of Bernie Sanders and AOC talking point.

She wants Medicare for All to such a degree that she wants to ban private insurance.

She wants universal Pre-Kindergarten and debt free college.

Her tax policy is nothing short of taking from the upper middle class and and giving to the poor.

Her legislation would provide a refundable tax credit of $6,000 for married couples earning up to $60,000 a year. Single filers making up to $30,000 and single parents earning up to $80,000 would get a credit of $3,000. The credit would then start to phase out. Couples and single parents with earnings of more than $100,000 and single filers making more than $50,000 would no longer be eligible.

Harris proposes to pay for it by repealing the provisions of the 2017 GOP tax law that benefit those making more than $100,000 and placing a fee on financial institutions.

Fantastic, I can’t wait to lose my tax return every year.   Paying more in taxes is really going to help my bottom line.  Not getting money back is going to be so awesome!

Remember when I talked about the problems with envy and dekulakization?  It’s all fun and games to get the crowed fired up by saying that you are going to tax the millionaires, but eventually the spiteful nature of envy means that people will want to hurt everyone that has only one dollar more than they do and the middle class professionals making $100K per year end up in the gulags too.

Yesterday I saw a Tweet that had been reposted a number of times, because it was so spot on.


Clearly Kamala Harris wants us to vote in socialism.

She also wants to stop us from shooting our way out of it.

She let it slip the first time.  Her goal is to ban semi-automatic weapons.

And no, you can’t respect the Second Amendment and want a ban on semi-autos.

We can point out the failures of compliance in state after state when thee government has mandated people surrender assault weapons, high capacity magazines, bump stocks, or other banned items.  But non-compliance isn’t a guarantee of rights, it’s just the roll of the dice that you won’t get caught and nailed to the wall.

“If I keep my head down and don’t get noticed, it’s unlikely that I will get found and punished for owning something that I am not supposed to.”

What good is that with guns, where the only way of maintaining proficiency is use?  If your AR is banned, how do you take it to the range?

So here we have Kamala Harris proposing to take money from everyone making $100,000 or more and giving that money to everyone making less that in tax returns, healthcare, and cradle to college graduation education.

Why not, 92% of Americans make less than $100,000, that’s how socialism gets voted in.

And she going to take your guns to make sure you can’t shoot your way out of the socialism that was just voted in.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Kamala Harris promises to turn America into Venezuela”
  1. Never mind AR-15s, she’s after nearly all handguns.
    We know left wing politicians have a long track record of standing with criminals against honest people, but this is pretty blatant.

  2. Socialism is Social Nationalism/Nazi…. Brownshirts/Antifa. Abortion/genocide. When will we ever learn from history? “A Republic, if you can keep it.” The people that believed the lies and propaganda of the communists and nazi’s, suffered the most, while ignoring the noose they had allowed around their own neck. So sad, that this Country, “the last best hope of freedom in the world,” even debates the idea’s of this future slavery. Justice is supposed to be governed by fact, not feelings. I pray that the Real American Spirit and Patriots will not go gently into this night, of no return…

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