AWFL: Affluent White Female Liberal

You know exactly the type of person I’m referring to.


Of course she doesn’t know how many New York gun permit holders have committed gun crimes.

She doesn’t know and doesn’t care about the statistics from Florida and other states about how law abiding licensed concealed carry permit holders actually are.

What she has is feelings.

She feels unsafe at the idea that other people might be carrying guns around her that she doesn’t know about.

She feels unsafe with licensed gun owners carrying on the subway.

Never mind the rate of subway pushings and other homicides in the subway in the last few years.

Disregard actual dangers from criminals, junkies, and vagrants that have be released or not charged for reasons of equity, her perceived danger from a guy with a CCW permit looms large in her mind.

So she will deny you your rights.  Rights affirmed by the Supreme Court just a few days ago.

Her feelings are more important than your rights and don’t you forget it.

This is the AWFL way of life.

It was AWFLs who maintained lockdowns and masking long after they were all proven to br useless.

It was AWFLs who keep the schools closed.

It was AWFLs who rated out neighbors and businesses for being open.

It was AWFLs who lit candles to St. Fauci.

These people have no capacity for rational analysis or risk assessment.

They have privileged lives and have strong feelings about things they don’t understand and will use those feelings to crush you.

Governor Hochul maintained the lockdowns and COVID restrictions long after there was a need but she was afraid so you had to lose your rights.

Now her feelings are overruling a Supreme Court decision and will be denied the rights they acknowledged.

AWFL governor governs AWFLly.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Kathy Hochul is the final boss of AWFLs”
  1. I prefer to arrange the letters of acronym differently.

    WAFL: White Affluent Female Liberal

    Then you can add Twat in front of it and have the exact term that describes her.

  2. Her office just released a draft of what she’d like to see done in lieu of the SCOTUS decision. It’s 42 pages but my understanding is it calls for dramatically increasing areas that are gun free zones, along with other Orwellian measures like submission of social media account information and stuff like that. Currently no bills for this exist in the state legislatures, but at some point the Democrats there will draw it up and pass it into law. My guess? This is “kitchen sink” legislation where they realize most items will ultimately be struck down in court, but maybe they’ll be able to get a few to stick.

    Also, Kathy Hochul is a vile human being.

  3. If I’m not mistaken – and I’m too lazy to look it up – she was running for CONgress in the western part of NYFS and had a respectable rating from the NRA. Then she fell into the orbit of ThuGovernor Cuomo (spit), and she morphed into this. I do believe she’s playing to the Democrazed party base in NYFS, and is trying to prove that when it comes to AWFL Gretchen Whitmer is just a piker.

  4. Hurrah! Finally a white woman understands how people feel when the bodyguards of oligarchs like Bezos show up with their concealed Weapons of War and all those backup high capacity magazines. I hope that as Leaders! she will disarm them first, so that feelings, especially mine, aren’t hurt by these rich bastards getting away with what we are forbidden to do.

  5. The question to ask is-“ and criminals armed doesnt bother you??” Only lawabiding citizens?? You cant make it up

  6. AWFL… Love it.
    Know why she does not care about subway pushings, drug addicts accosting people on the street, the homeless, or muggings? Because she will never see it. Outside of the well coordinated photo op, her world is crime free.
    And, either she honestly believes that if everyone just did as she told them to the world will be a paradise, or she does not care about how bad it is for the average person.
    She is the HOA president who is married to the doctor, and because she has no problem instituting the policies she puts in place, that means you should not have any problems either. If you do not have the money to repaint your house every three years, then you should not have bought in her neighborhood.
    People like her will continue until the population gets sick of their crap. Unfortunately, that will be too late. The elites will be living large in their walled communities, while the workers are living in tin shacks and eating trash.

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