Kavanaugh is a monster

Yesterday I covered how Senator Diane Feinstein sent a secret letter from an unidentified person who heard second hand about a secret incident, involving another unidentified person who didn’t want to push the issue, to the FBI regarding something Judge Kavanaugh may have done in high school more than three decades ago.

Writing that, I’m suddenly reminded of Dark Helmet?

To be honest, that is a good approximation of Diane Feinstein: short, totally evil, incredibly stupid.

But this didn’t stop the #Resistance media from turning this third hand rumor into the crime of the century.

According to a Tweet by Ian Millhiser, a Think Progress editor and fellow at the Center for American Progress (so more than just a Lefty rando):

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh may have committed a very serious crime — possibly even a sex crime. Or maybe he didn’t. That’s what we just learned from an extraordinarily vague press statement by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).


Kavanaugh is a rapist.  A RAPIST!!!  HE HAS A SEX TORTURE DUNGEON LIKE THE BAD GUY FROM ‘THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO!’  or it could be nothing (that last part is just a formality so I don’t get sued).

So how bad is Kavanaugh?  Does he have a pit in his basement where he keeps large women and baskets full of lotion?

Trust the British media to report this honestly.

From The Guardian:

A source who said they were briefed on the contents of the letter said it described an incident involving Kavanaugh and a woman that took place when both were 17 years old and at a party. According to the source, Kavanaugh and a male friend had locked her in a room against her will, making her feel threatened, but she was able to get out of the room. The Guardian has not verified the apparent claims in the letter. It is not yet clear who wrote it.

That’s it?  They didn’t rape her?  They didn’t assault her?  They didn’t even try to have consensual sex with her?  They just locked her in a room?  And she got out?

I did that to my sister once and I don’t even think my parents grounded me.

This could be titled “lame pranks that Eagle Scouts think up.”

That didn’t stop the #Resistance from going nuts on social media calling him a sex criminal though.  Damage done.

I know what they were hoping to accomplish, but at some point they have to understand how this backfires on them.

For the incredibly loud minority of radical Lefties, this is all red meat.  For the rest of America, this destroys your credibility.

They don’t learn, so next time they are going to scream at the top of their lungs “So-and-So is a sex offender, he assaults little girls.”  Just to find out the next day that So-and-So put gum in little Suzie’s hair when they were both in the 6th grade.

It would almost be funny if reputations built on a life time of achievements weren’t at risk.



4 Replies to “Kavanaugh is a monster”

  1. And this sort of nonsense is one reason I have zero desire to become involved in politics, even at the county council level.

    I would like to give back to my community by serving, but doing so as an elected official has gone from a thankless task to an actively corrosive and destructive one.

  2. For the incredibly loud minority of radical Lefties, this is all red meat.

    Except that those radical Lefties are more likely to not eat red meat (or any meat, for that matter — “meat is murder,” after all), so for them this is a big helping of boiled tofu…

    … which pretty much matches what it is to everyone else, too.

  3. ‘Dirty’ Harry Reid was proud of himself lying on the Senate floor about Mitt Romney never paid taxes. He said it was necessary to smear Romney and he didn’t regret it.

    In the least, these people are pond scum.

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