You are dining outdoors with a loved one and this happens.

Did you have an appreciation of the threat?

Did you even notice this starting?

What did you do?

Did you get up and leave?

Did you ask for the check?

Did you surreptitiously draw your weapon and hide it in your lap under your napkin in case shit went downhill fast?

Survival is a mentality that you must maintain.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Keep your ears open, head on a swivel, and be aware of the signs.”
  1. And, for some reason, white people should be more like that?


    Seriously. Not trying to be racist, but I see a LOT more videos of “pocs” acting like that than I do of whites. Anecdotal evidence, I know, but instead of just being allowed to accept other skin colors and cultures exist, I am being told I must deny my skin color and culture, placing their above mine. (So, is it now OK to shoot a woman that turns a man down for a date? Asking for a friend.)

    1. CBMTTek, according to what the leaders of the POC movements say, yes, it is A-Okay for POC to shoot other POC, as POC lives matter only when Felon-class POC end up killing themselves during a police stop, or something.

      Nothing about how POC are much more deadly to Whites than Whites to POC.

      POC only includes African-decent People, of course.

  2. What to do? I’d say there’s no single answer … it depends on the circumstances, such as your position relative to the shooter and to the exit(s), what direction the shooter is looking in, how good of a shot you are, what’s behind the shooter, et cetera.

    1. I never said there was a single answer nor did I give one. I’m just pointing out how fash shit can go sideways and asking you to think about how you would handle it when it does.

  3. You tell everyone at the table to shut the fuck up, get your shit, and go inside, and stop talking to him. Tell the guy sorry, we aren’t interested, and we are going to leave, and do it politely. Take appropriate measures to continue watching him and inform staff you are being harassed. Be ready for any required additional actions including notifying law enforcement.

    Unfortunately it looks like this progressed passed the point where it was possible to do the above, we were getting into an ego battle between all participants, and that guy was too worked up for it to just end. This could have also been a case where he just wanted trouble too.

    I made it very clear to my wife when we first started dating, I am carrying a gun, I’m going out my my way to be polite and obsequious. I am not giving anyone an excuse or chance to start a violent confrontation with me by engaging in stupidity and ego battles and by keeping my comments to myself. I bump someone, even if its their fault I say sorry, a beer gets spilled, sorry let me get you another, etc etc.

    It is very important IMO that you get this across and that the gravity of what being a dumbass and engaging in ego battles can mean to your partner. When we were young, the wife used to like to scoff loudly and make comments about it being disgusting when we passed people smoking at parties and bars etc. Occasionally I’d catch a sidelong look from these people and luckily we didn’t get that one guy who just liked to start shit. I finally got the point across to her when I said listen, you might make your smoking comment one day to the wrong person, they start something, and I am forced to do take appropriate defensive measures. You do not want the consequences of that befalling us, especially if one or more parties are on the receiving end of lethal force.

  4. 1st choice: Leave.
    2nd choice: Leave. I’ll pay later.
    3rd choice: Prepare to defend myself & loved ones (as needed).

  5. Pregnant white mother stabbed by poc while walking with her son in ATL. The news stories indicate that he had talked to her prior to the stabbing, and she was walking away.

    What they won’t say is what I believe he did, as with the poc in the video, which was propositional pretty white woman for sex. She said no and he took it as an affront.

  6. I always, without fail keeo enough cash on me to cover a restaurant check so I can put the money under the salt shaker and walk out.

    When the kids were small we instituted a sooper-dooper seekret code word that they would only hear – ever – from Mom or Dad, and when they heard it they were follow our instructions EXACTLY which were almost certainly going to be “we’re leaving right now.” No whining, no fussing, no “I haven’t finished my fries” or “my milkshake isn’t here yet,” or swivel-heading and asking what’s going on, just get up and walk between us, and if Mom or I grab you don’t struggle with us. We will go to another restaurant/theater/store but we are leaving this one RIGHT NOW.

    We tested it a few times, took a couple tries to get it right, only had to use it for real once (3 gangbangers (I recognized them from their mug shots) entered and started looking around – they were searching for someone, so it was “time to be somewhere else” (once we were clear, I got a couple patrol units to pull up out front riki-tik and the 3 departed).

    It’s hard to predict if a situation goes stupidly kinetic but that’s increasingly becoming the way to bet, especially among certain groups.

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