Kids are now safe at Marjories Stoneman Douglass High School, right?

And there is another angle.

The 4 kids involved in the fracas were arrested.  I am going to bet they all had some sort of prior act but you won’t find a record of it or it will be watered down. You have to keep those stats clean.

PS: Did you guys heard about this? I found out by pure coincidence. and covered only by one local TV Station.

2 Replies to “Kids are now safe at Marjories Stoneman Douglass High School, right?”

  1. All 4 “fighters” should’ve had their skinny asses lit with a taser. That b.s. of the teacher’s just yelling *stop* and hugging these pre-thugs is not solving diddly considering the diarrhea-stained history of the Coward County School Board.
    One of those pre-thugs could’ve easily shanked anyone around them with a pen or pencil (freaking hurts like a mofo btw) while in their fighting red-haze. SMH

    Parents who care about their kids should have immediately removed them from any of the Coward County Schools and started home schooling, specially when all doubt about Runcie yuuge screwups was removed by the Parkland school shooting report.
    Yes , it’s a sacrifice to home school but if you think your kids ain’t worth it, why did you have kids then?

    Ugh. I gotta stop reading about NYC-south. Ticks me off to no end everytime. }:-|

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