I mentioned before about the march some kids are doing from a suburb of Boston to the Smith & Wesson factory in Springfield, Massachusetts.

At the time, I didn’t realize that that was part of a entirely different group of kids that is part of the Bloomberg hydra making petulant and tyrannical demands.

This group is called 50 Miles More.  They claim their inspiration was the civil rights movement.

We looked to history and an earlier generation of young leaders who fueled real change. In 1965, civil rights leaders organized the multi-day, 54 mile Selma to Montgomery marches. Those 54 long miles took us a long way toward progress, and are the inspiration for our march.

When Martin Luther King and his followers marched from Selma to Montgomery, they were marching for their civil rights.  They were marching in demand of rights that were guaranteed to them by the 14th Amendment of Constitution but they were being denied.

These kids are marching against civil rights.  They are marching to demand that the government take away the rights of law abiding citizens.

Here is their list of demands:

We believe that young people in every neighborhood and community should enjoy some very basic freedoms:

  • Freedom to go to school without being shot.
  • Freedom to walk our neighborhood streets without being shot.
  • Freedom to go to the movies without being shot.
  • Freedom to go to parks or playgrounds without being shot.
  • Freedom to go shopping without being shot.
  • Freedom from living in fear of being killed. Period.

None of those are real freedoms.  None of those the goverment can provide without severe restrictions on the freedoms and rights of others.  The last demand – Freedom from living in fear of being killed. Period. – is functionally impossible to deliver.

This is their list of policy positions:

  • Military-style weapons, and all weapons of war, should be banned from civilian society.
  • All accessories that turn semi-automatic weapons into automatic weapons, such as bump stocks, should be banned.
  • Four day waiting period on all gun purchases.
  • Require background checks on all gun sales.
  • Raise the legal purchasing age of all guns to 21.

Massive gun bans.  Ignoring my AR-15s for a moment, my Beretta M9 and all my 1911s are actual weapons of war.

The four day waiting period and raising the age limit will have zero effect on crime.  In ever case of a school shooting that comes to mind, the shooter planned the shooting more than four days in advance.  In many cases -Columbine, Virginia Tech, Parkland – weeks to months in advance.  The Columbine kids were under 18 and stole their guns, so didn’t have them legally, and the VT shooter was 23 at the time of his shooting.  Only the Parkland shooter was in the 18-21 year range where a rifle was legal to purchase and a handgun was not.

Clearly, these policies were crafted by emotionally driven people with little regard for facts and a heavy emphasis on “must do something.”

I know that if I wanted to prevent the next Parkland, I’d be marching to make Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, and School boars and administrators civil and criminally liable for the mal application of policy.  If they downplay bad behavior to fudge the numbers on crime stats and a kid slips through and kills, the enforcers of that policy are then charged as accessories to the murder.

This is the movement marching on S&W.

Watch this video.  It is mind blowing.

The news anchor in Boston says that people fail to realize that S&W is in Massachusetts because they “forget about the western part of the state.”  What elite, big city arrogance.  Then the girl says it is hypocritical that Massachusetts claim to have strict gun laws but allows a gun maker to exist in the state and sell weapons outside of Massachusetts.

Smith & Wesson has been making guns in Springfield, Massachusetts since 1860 after Winchester bought the Volcanic Repeating Arms Company in 1855.  For over 100 years, S&W manufactured guns in and for the people of Massachusetts legally.

I hope the management of AOB is listening to these people being offended that S&W is allowed to do their job in Massachusetts.  Moving a factory is hard but not impossible.  Remington did it to themselves, Bushmaster, DPMS, and Marlin, and Kimber pulled out of New York.  There is plenty of room in the south and we aren’t resentful when a gun maker opens up shop and starts hiring.

The march in Massachusetts isn’t going to be the last one.  They are calling on their website for #50More in #50States.  It makes me wonder who they are going to target next?  I’m kind of curious if they are going to march on Remington because of Bushmaster here in Huntsville.

These groups are spiraling out of control.  Bloomie is giving his money away to every handful of moderately attractive looking teens with self righteous anger and ignorance about guns.

They are trying to change the very idea of what a civil right is and that is horrifying.  Kids are the future, I just hope it’s not these kids.  We are doomed if power falls into the hands of people who believe “freedom from” is a right and “freedom to” is not.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Kids don’t understand the idea of civil rights”
  1. Ohio doesn’t have the biggest gun or factory cultures out there, but we have plenty of real-estate to absorb a factory and plenty of people willing to learn. Hell, I’m IT and I’d be willing to parley my love of computers and guns into a profession.

  2. First – the vast bulk of my safe are ACTUAL “weapons of war;” Mausers, Enfields, Mosins, Garands, an M1 Carbine, Arisaka, MAS 36, Carcano, etc. Second, nearly all the rounds we routinely shoot began as “weapons of war:” 9mm, .38, .45, 30-06, .308, etc. are all military calibers.

    So they really want to ban pretty much everything. What else is new?

    Second – there is a massive education problem here – or perhaps an indoctrination problem. These young-uns have no real idea what a “civil right” is – they think of rights as rights TO something. Rights are not rights TO something – they are protections AGAINST something. Specifically, protections AGAINST government taking certain actions. Government is not permitted to regulate religion, or stop you from airing your point of view, or prevent possession of firearms, or take away your liberties without due process, to name the most prominent examples. These are not rights TO something; they require nothing from my fellow citizens except forbearance – i.e. REAL tolerance, as compared to the pseudo-ridiculous crap that so often passes for “tolerance” today.

    1. It shouldn’t be a surprise that, when you allow the government to run “education”, you’re creating a system that indoctrinates children to support a bigger and more powerful government. Especially when you allow the bureaucrats who run the education system to buy the politicians who send our tax money to those same bureaucrats.

  3. Freedom’s like air to them; they don’t even notice it, and won’t until they’re not getting it anymore.

  4. Ironically, my AR-15 is not a “weapon of war” it was bought during the Clinton era Assault Weapons Ban, so by definition it’s NOT an “Assault Weapon.” My 1873 Trapdoor Springfield on the other hand was made by the Springfield Armory in the 1880s and was delivered to the U.S. Army. It may have actually been used in the “Indian Wars.” Yet by the logic(?) of the left, the AR needs to be banned, and the trapdoor isn’t even subject to federal law.

  5. Columbine guns were NOT stolen. They were purchased by an adult female acquaintance at a gun show.

  6. How many of these ignorant kids fall into some social / economic / racial / religious / political category that was once (or is currently) the object of a genocide?

    They will want guns when their group is being exterminated by the government. What fools!

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