That’s gruesome.

Randomly attacked by a man with a knife and will require a lot of stitches to keep what should be inside, inside.

Deep cuts damage nerves and muscles underneath.

Facial lacerations are notorious for causing paralysis.

When approached by someone with a knife, or appears dangerous in general, distance is your friend.

Stay safe out there.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Knives are dangerous, bleeding control is critical, and watch your back”
  1. This happened in Commiefornia, huh. Shocker. /sarc

    Wouldn’t surprise me at all if they arrest the victim after he gets out of the hospital for “mentally scarring” the homeless attacker for bleeding all over him… or some other idiotic progtard b.s. excuse. SMH

  2. How many other cities could, would, will have a similar story this year?
    This is a problem 40 years in the making. Endless Billions spent, Endless government and charitable programs, Endless Blaming of Society, especially Uncaring Republicans. And we went from 300,000 homeless under the Evil Uncaring Reagan to how many millions today? The more we fixed the problem, the worse it got.

    Isn’t that the Story of Government?

    1. Obviously a success story — after all, the purpose of government programs is to provide long term employment to worthless parasites who could not possibly make an honest living in the real world. So a key part of the work is to make sure the “problem” NEVER gets any better, because if it did, those parasites might lose their jobs. Preferably the “problem” will get worse, which will then be used as an excuse to increase the size and cost of the government program responsible for never fixing it.

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