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7 thoughts on “Lack of posting”
  1. Please get a second opinion. My father died from colon cancer because the VA told him he had diverticulitis. By the time he got to Audie Murphy in San Antonio it was too late. Please get a second opinion.

  2. A very nasty and unpleasant gift of aging. If you live long enough your bowels will develop diverticulum. Once you have diverticulum you have a good chance at developing diverticulosis. The key is early diagnosis and treatment.

  3. When I was in my late thirties and forties, I too had to address this problem. After all was said and done, what worked for me was a complete change in diet. Went from eating everything on earth except cooked spinach, to a ‘whole food’ diet. Quit eating anything with an ingredients list. Stopped eating all fibers except for European all natural spouted grain products–never consume any US grains……never. And stopped eating anything with seeds in it. And finally created my own diet, which I call the 5-5-5 diet. First meal is at 5 a.m. and last meal is at 5 p.m. and in between I east three small meals and none of the five servings have more than 500 calories. And I suggest a 70% animal protein to 30% healthy carb vegetable ratio. And it’s always a good idea to add a supplement probiotic, which I use Pure Probiotic 50, every other day after my first meal.
    I have enjoyed a healthy digestive system for the past twenty-eight years. But this diet cost more. And you should assume that Gluten is playing a part in your situation. Even if you tested negative for celiacs disease, gluten still greatly reduces the function of the major organs of the body. In six months on this diet you’ll have a perfect body fat index, and high energy all day long, and be meds free.

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